Who killed Jason Blossom?

who killed jason blossom

Spoiler warnings are in effect for this article! You have been warned!

When season 1 of Riverdale started the big over arching mystery at the start of episode 1 was, Who killed Jason Blossom? If you are new to the show it is kind of like Dawson’s Creek meets Twin Peeks but with the characters from the Archie comics. We will warn you, you will get hooked on this series quickly. If you want to know more about the timeline of this series, head over to our Riverdale timeline page. Riverdale also has a comic book series that ties into the TV series, so we put those issues in between the episodes where they best fit.

There are a lot of suspects here are a few that have emerged as the series is near the end of season 1:

Betty Cooper


Betty flat out has issues. If you remember in episode 3,  “Chapter Three: Body Double”, Betty tortures Chuck in hot tub in order to get him to apologize for slut shaming he and football team was doing. She has some mayor anger management issues. Have you have seen the nail prints in her palms when she gets mad?. It would be of no surprise that she is the murder.

Veronica Lodge

Veronica found out from Archie that Blossoms may have had a role in her father, Hiram Lodge getting put in prison. This was not revealed until later in the series, so we doubt it was her. However her father could have ordered the hit from prison?

Archie Andrews

We don’t think that he did it either. We are not sure what the series would do if Archie started off being a murder right off the bat for season 1. He could have been target and Jason got shot somehow by mistake.

Kevin Keller

He is somewhat of a dark horse but we just don’t see it.

Jughead Jones

Jughead is kind of the narrator of the entire series. Having him as the killer doesn’t make sense.

Miss Grundy


She was only around for 4 episodes. She is a pivotal character in the Archie comics. Why was she so eager to get out of town? I think though some how some way she will be back but she is probably not the murder.

Cheryl Blossom

From the opening scenes of episode 1 the Cheryl/Jason relationship was just weird. Both characters where wearing all white driving to Sweetwater River to go on a boat ride. The next thing we is Cheryl all wet being found on the side of the Sweetwater River. Something significant happened between the start of the boat ride and Cheryl being found. What happened to that sweet convertible they was driving to the river? She is dealing with some guilt about something.

Southside Serpants/FP Jones

At the end of episodes 12, “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”, FP Jones is arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. We don’t think he did it. We think he was framed. Furthermore, we think he is one who torched the car. He had Jason’s jacket at the end of “Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place”. Jason Blossom was wanting to work with the Southside Serpants to get money so he and Polly could run away. He knows a lot more he even remarked the kids at Riverdale are getting close to the truth.

Hal Cooper and Alice Cooper

These folks are shady. First the send Polly away because she was pregnant with Jason’s baby. Second there is feud between the Copper and Blossom families over the maple syrup empire the Blossoms control. Hal is more vocal on his hatred for the Blossums so they definitely have revenge as motive.

Hermione Lodge

She is somewhat of a mystery. She was seen early in the series talking to FP Jones. She also gets a bag full of cash so why is she working for Fred Andrews? Was that hush money to buy FPJone’s silence? Could FP done the hit or had just been a witness and helped cover it up? Clifford Blossom was paying large monthly sums to lodge industries? Why is that? There are just too many questions around this character.

Well there it is folks. Hope you guys enjoyed the article. See you again soon.