Twin Peaks Timeline

When does the Twin Peaks timeline take place?

The Twin Peaks timeline contains all the novels and episodes from the Twin Peaks franchise. The original series aired from 1990 to 1991 with the first episodes set in 1989. They series lasted 2 years but then was brought back in 2017. The episodes that take place in 2017 are not a reboot of the series. Furthermore, they are actually a continuation of the series set 25 years later. If you see something that needs to fixed or added to this timeline please drop us a note on our Contact page.


#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeMovieAugust 28, 1992David LynchA prequal movies that takes place 7 days before the events of season 1.
2Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks: Missing PiecesMovieJuly 16, 2014David LynchDeleted scenes from the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me movie
3Twin PeaksReadThe Secret Diary of Laura PalmerNovelDecember 6, 2011Jennifer LynchTakes place when Laura is 12 to 17
4Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.01: "Northwest Passage"TVApril 8, 1990David LynchTakes place on Feb 24, 1989
5Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.02: "Traces to Nowhere"TVApril 12, 1990Duwayne Dunham
6Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.03: "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer"TVApril 19, 1990David Lynch
7Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.04: "Rest in Pain"TVApril 26, 1990Tina Rathborne
8Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.05: "The One-Armed Man"TVMay 3, 1990Tim Hunter
9Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.06: "Cooper's Dreams"TVMay 10, 1990Lesli Linka Glatter
10Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.07: "Realization Time"TVMay 17, 1990Caleb Deschanel
11Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 1.08: "The Last Evening"TVMay 23, 1990Mark Frost
12Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.01: "May the Giant Be with You"TVSeptember 30, 1990David Lynch
13Twin PeaksListen"Diane..." - The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent CooperAudioOctober 1st, 1990Scott FrostRecordings featured in the 1st season and the first epsiode of the 2nd season
14Twin PeaksReadThe Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes.NovelBegins when Agent Cooper's 13th birthday but ends around here
15Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.02: "Coma"TVOctober 6, 1990David Lynch
16Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.03: "The Man Behind the Glass"TVOctober 13, 1990Lesli Linka Glatter
17Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.04: "Laura's Secret Diary"TVOctober 20, 1990Todd Holland
18Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.05: "The Orchid's Curse"TVOctober 27, 1990Graeme Clifford
19Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.06: "Demons"TVNovember 3, 1990Lesli Linka Glatter
20Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.07: "Lonely Souls"TVNovember 10, 1990David Lynch
21Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.08: "Drive with a Dead Girl"TVNovember 17, 1990Caleb Deschanel
22Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.09: "Arbitrary Law"TVDecember 1, 1990Tim Hunter
23Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.10: "Dispute Between Brothers"TVDecember 8, 1990Tina Rathborne
24Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.11: "Masked Ball"TVDecember 15, 1990Duwayne Dunham
25Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.12: "The Black Widow"TVJanuary 12, 1991Caleb Deschanel
26Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.13: "Checkmate"TVJanuary 19, 1991Todd Holland
27Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.14: "Double Play"TVFebruary 2, 1991Uli Edel
28Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.15: "Slaves and Masters"TVFebruary 9, 1991Diane Keaton
29Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.16: "The Condemned Woman"TVFebruary 16, 1991Lesli Linka Glatter
30Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.17: "Wounds and Scars"TVMarch 28, 1991James Foley
31Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.18: "On the Wings of Love"TVApril 4, 1991Duwayne Dunham
32Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.19: "Variations on Relations"TVApril 11, 1991Jonathan Sanger
33Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.20: "The Path to the Black Lodge"TVApril 18, 1991Stephen Gyllenhaal
34Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.21: "Miss Twin Peaks"TVJune 10, 1991Tim Hunter
35Twin PeaksWatchTwin Peaks 2.22: "Beyond Life and Death"TVJune 10, 1991David Lynch
36Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.01: "The Return, Part 1"TVMay 21, 2017David LynchTakes place 25 years after the end of season two.
37Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.02: "The Return, Part 2"TVMay 21, 2017David Lynch
38Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.03: "The Return, Part 3"TVMay 28, 2017David Lynch
39Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.04: "The Return, Part 4"TVMay 28, 2017David Lynch
40Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.05: "The Return, Part 5"TVJune 4, 2017David Lynch
41Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.06: "The Return, Part 6"TVJune 11, 2017David Lynch
42Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.07: "The Return, Part 7"TVJune 18, 2017David Lynch
43Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.08: "The Return, Part 8"TVJune 25, 2017David Lynch
44Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.09: "The Return, Part 9"TVJuly 9, 2017David Lynch
45Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.10: "The Return, Part 10"TVJuly 16, 2017David Lynch
46Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.11: "The Return, Part 11"TVJuly 23, 2017David Lynch
47Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.12: "The Return, Part 12"TVJuly 30, 2017David Lynch
48Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.13: "The Return, Part 13"TVAugust 6, 2017David Lynch
49Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.14: "The Return, Part 14"TVAugust 13, 2017David Lynch
50Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.15: "The Return, Part 15"TVAugust 20, 2017David Lynch
51Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.16: "The Return, Part 16"TVAugust 27, 2017David Lynch
52Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.17: "The Return, Part 17"TVSeptember 3, 2017David Lynch
53Twin PeaksTwin Peaks 3.18: "The Return, Part 18"TVSeptember 3, 2017David Lynch