Torchwood Timeline

torchwood timeline

What is on the Torchwood Timeline?

The Torchwood timeline is a spin off from the Dr. Who timeline. It mildly crosses over with a few Dr. Who characters and episodes but it does takes place in the same universe.  There are a lot of short stories and audio only episodes by the cast so it will make finding the stories in this timeline adventurous. If you see something that needs to fixed or added to this timeline please drop us a note on our Contact page.


#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1TorchwoodListenThe Victorian AgeAudioMay 31, 2016AK BenedictTakes place in the 1890s
2TorchwoodReadThe Baby FarmersNovelJune 30, 2010David LlewellynTakes place in 1899
3TorchwoodListenThe Dying RoomAudioOctober 31, 2017Lizzie HopleyTakes place in 1940s Paris
4TorchwoodReadOvertureComicDecember 16, 2010Gary RussellTakes place on August 7, 1941; Story is printed in Torchwood Magazine 25
5TorchwoodListenThe DollhouseAudioJune 30, 2017Juno DawsonTakes place in 1970s Los Angeles
6TorchwoodListenOne RuleAudioFebruary 29, 2016Joseph LidsterTakes place March 25, 2005
7TorchwoodListenBefore the Fall: New GirlAudioMarch 31, 2017Joseph LidsterTakes place 2005 London
8TorchwoodListenBefore the Fall: Through the RuinsAudioApril 30, 2017Joseph LidsterTakes place 2005 London
9TorchwoodListenBefore the Fall: UprisingAudioMay 31, 2017Joseph LidsterTakes place 2005 London
10TorchwoodListenMoving TargetAudioAugust 31, 2016Guy Adams
11TorchwoodWatchDoctor Who: Army of Ghosts (Part 1)TVJuly 1, 2006Graeme Harper
12TorchwoodWatchDoctor Who: Doomsday (Part 2)TVJuly 8, 2006Graeme Harper
13TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.01: "Everything Changes"TVOctober 22, 2006Brian Kelly
14TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.02: "Day One"TVOctober 22, 2006Brian Kelly
15TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.03: "Ghost Machine"TVOctober 29, 2006Colin Teague
16TorchwoodReadAnother LifeNovelJuly 28, 2010Peter Anghelides
17TorchwoodReadBorder PrincesNovelAugust 3, 2010Dan Abnett
18TorchwoodReadSlow DecayNovelOctober 31, 2010Andy Lane
19TorchwoodListenHiddenAudio February 12, 2008Steven Savile
20TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.04: "Cyberwoman"TVNovember 5, 2006James Strong
21TorchwoodReadMend MeShort StorySeptember 15, 2010Sarah PinboroughStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 23
22TorchwoodListenBrokenAudioSeptember 30, 2016Joseph Lidster
23TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.05: "Small Worlds"TVNovember 12, 2006Alice Troughton
24TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.06: "Countrycide"TVNovember 19, 2006Andy Goddard
25TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.07: "Greeks Bearing Gifts"TVNovember 26, 2006Colin Teague
26TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.08: "They Keep Killing Suzie"TVDecember 3, 2006James Strong
27TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.09: "Random Shoes"TVDecember 10, 2006James Erskine
28TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.10: "Out of Time"TVDecember 17, 2006Alice Troughton
29TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.11: "Combat"TVDecember 24, 2006Andy Goddard
30TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.12: "Captain Jack Harkness"TVJanuary 1, 2007Ashley Way
31TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 1.13: "End of Days"TVJanuary 1, 2007Ashley Way
32TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Consequences - "Kaleidoscope"NovelJune 30, 2010Sarah PinboroughThis is the part of the book Consquences.
33TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.01: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"TVJanuary 16, 2008Ashley Way
34TorchwoodReadThe Legacy of Torchwood One!ComicJanuary 24, 2008Simon FurmanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 1
35TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.01: "Sleeper"TVJanuary 23, 2008Colin Teague
36TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.03: "To the Last Man"TVJanuary 30, 2008Andy Goddard
37TorchwoodListenThe ConspiracyAudioNovember 30, 2015David Llewellyn
38TorchwoodListenFall to EarthAudioDecember 31, 2015James Goss
39TorchwoodListenUncanny ValleyAudioMarch 31, 2016David Llewellyn
40TorchwoodListenZone 10AudioJune 30, 2016David Llewellyn
41TorchwoodListenThe Office That Never WasAudioSeptember 30, 2017Gareth David-Lloyd
42TorchwoodReadSomething in the WaterNovelApril 13, 2010Trevor Baxendale
43TorchwoodReadTrace MemoryNovelSeptember 4, 2008David LlewellynTiger Bay, Cardiff, 1953.
44TorchwoodListenEveryone Says HelloAudioFebruary 5, 2008Dan Abnett
45TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.04: "Meat"TV6 February 2008Colin Teague
46TorchwoodReadThe Twilight StreetsNovelApril 27, 2010Gary Russell
47TorchwoodReadJetsamComicMarch 20, 2008Brian WilliamsonStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 3
48TorchwoodWatchRift WarComicJune 9, 2009Ian Edgington
49TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.05: "Adam"TVFebruary 13, 2008Andy Goddard
50TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.06: "Reset"TVFebruary 13, 2008Ashley Way
51TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.07: "Dead Man Walking"TVFebruary 20, 2008Andy Goddard
52TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.08: "A Day in the Death"TVFebruary 27, 2008Andy Goddard
53TorchwoodReadPack AnimalsNovelJuly 31, 2010Peter Anghelides
54TorchwoodReadMrs AcresShort StorySeptember 23, 2008David Llewellyn
55TorchwoodReadThe Beauty of Our WeaponsShort StorySeptember 23, 2008Andy Lane
56TorchwoodReadThe Book of JahiComicMarch 1, 2009David LlewellynStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 11-13
57TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.09: "Something Borrowed"TVMarch 5, 2008Ashley Way
58TorchwoodReadSkypointNovelJuly 31, 2010Phil Ford
59TorchwoodReadPlant LifeShort Story23-Sep-08Trevor Baxendale
60TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.10: "From Out of the Rain"TVMarch 12, 2008Jonathan Fox Bassett
61TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.11: "Adrift"TVMarch 19, 2008Mark Everest
62TorchwoodReadShort StoryComicSeptember 23, 2008Joseph Lidster
63TorchwoodReadThe SelkieComicFebruary 29, 2009John BarrowmanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 4
64TorchwoodReadGordianShort StorySeptember 23, 2008Steven SavileStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 14 - 15
65TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.12: "Fragments"TVMarch 21, 2008Jonathan Fox Bassett
66TorchwoodListenCorpse DayAudioJuly 31, 2017James Goss
67TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 2.13: "Exit Wounds"TVApril 4, 2008Ashley Way
68TorchwoodListenLost SoulsAudioSeptember 18, 2008Joseph Lidster
69TorchwoodListenIn the ShadowsAudioMay 7, 2009Joseph Lidster
70TorchwoodReadAlmost PerfectNovelJuly 31, 2010James Goss
71TorchwoodReadWho by FireShort StorySeptember 23, 2008Andy LaneStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 14
72TorchwoodListenThe Sin EatersAudioJuly 6, 2009Brian Minchin
73TorchwoodReadThe Man Who Dreamed Of StarsShort StoryBrian MinchinStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 16
74TorchwoodReadClosing TimeShort StoryAndy LaneStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 16 -17
75TorchwoodReadInto the SilenceNovelMay 7, 2009Sarah Pinborough
76TorchwoodReadBay of the DeadNovelJune 25, 2009Mark Morris
77TorchwoodReadThe House That Jack BuiltNovelMay 7, 2009Guy Adams
78TorchwoodReadThe Last Voyage of OsirisShort StoryJames GossStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 17
79TorchwoodListenOutbreakAudioJanuary 31, 2017Guy Adams
80TorchwoodListenAsylumAudioJuly 6, 2009Anita Sullivan
81TorchwoodListenGolden AgeAudioJuly 31, 2009James Goss
82TorchwoodListenThe Dead LineAudioJuly 31, 2009Phil Ford
83TorchwoodReadBrokenComicDecember 17, 2009Gary RussellStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 15 -19
84TorchwoodReadStakes on a PlaneShort StoryJames MoranStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 18
85TorchwoodReadI May Be Some TimeShort StoryDavid LlewellynStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 18
86TorchwoodReadThey Keep Killing AndyShort StoryTrevor BaxendaleStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 19
87TorchwoodReadFlotsam and JetsamShort StoryKate OrmanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 19
88TorchwoodReadFated To PretendComicFebruary 18, 2010Brian MinchinStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 20
89TorchwoodReadHappy New YearShort StorySarah PinboroughStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 20
90TorchwoodReadPhoto FinishShort StoryMark MorrisStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 20
91TorchwoodReadPostcards From The RiftShort StoryGuy AdamsStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 21
92TorchwoodReadReflectionsShort StoryJuliet E McKennaStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 21
93TorchwoodReadThe PackageShort StoryJames GossStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 22
94TorchwoodReadAshes to AshesShort StorySandra ShennanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 22
95TorchwoodReadRift-RaffShort StoryLynn JohnstonStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 22
96TorchwoodReadLockdownShort StoryLisa MoranStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 22
97TorchwoodReadRare EarthShort StoryKate OrmanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 22
98TorchwoodReadEverything’s TrueShort StoryGuy AdamsStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 23
99TorchwoodReadSomebody Else’s ProblemComicChristopher CooperStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 23
100TorchwoodReadThe Secret of Crow IslandShort StoryDavid LlewellynStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 23
101TorchwoodReadRed HandedShort StoryKate OrmanStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 24
102TorchwoodReadCultural FirstsShort StoryRichard StokesStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 24
103TorchwoodReadHell HouseComicRoger GibsonStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 24
104TorchwoodReadThe Mind’s EyeShort StoryJames GossStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 24
105TorchwoodWe All Go ThroughShort StoryJames GossStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 25
106TorchwoodReadRisk AssessmentNovelJune 30, 2010James Goss
107TorchwoodReadThe Undertaker's GiftNovelJune 30, 2010Trevor Baxendale
108TorchwoodReadConsequences - The Wrong HandsNovelJune 30, 2010Sarah PinboroughThis is the part of the book Consquences.
109TorchwoodReadConsequences - VirusNovelJune 30, 2010Sarah PinboroughThis is the part of the book Consquences.
110TorchwoodReadConsequences - ConsequencesNovelJune 30, 2010Sarah PinboroughThis is the part of the book Consquences.
111TorchwoodListenDepartment XAudioMarch 17, 2011James Goss
112TorchwoodListenGhost TrainAudioMarch 17, 2011James Goss
113TorchwoodListenTorchwood: The Lost Files - The Devil and Miss CarewAudioOctober 5, 2011James Goss
114TorchwoodListenTorchwood: The Lost Files - SubmissionAudioOctober 5, 2011James Goss
115TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 3.01: "Day One"TVJuly 6, 2009Euros LynChildren of Earth
116TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 3.02: "Day Two"TVJuly 7, 2009Euros LynChildren of Earth
117TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 3.03: "Day Three"TVJuly 8, 2009Euros LynChildren of Earth
118TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 3.04: "Day Four"TVJuly 9, 2009Euros LynChildren of Earth
119TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 3.03: "Day Five"TVJuly 10, 2009Euros LynChildren of Earth
120TorchwoodReadShrouded Short StoryJune 24, 2010Gareth David-LloydStory is printed in Torchwood Magazine 21 22
121TorchwoodListenTorchwood: The Lost Files - House of the DeadAudioOctober 5, 2011James Goss
122TorchwoodReadFirst BornNovelJuly 21, 2011James Goss
123TorchwoodReadLong Time DeadNovelAugust 4, 2011Sarah Pinborough
124TorchwoodReadThe Men Who Sold The WorldNovelAugust 18, 2011Guy Adams
125TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.01: "The New World"TVJuly 8, 2011Bharat NalluriMiracle Day
126TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 1ComicJuly 9, 2011Jeff Krelitz
127TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.02: "Rendition"TVJuly 15, 2011Billy GierhartMiracle Day
128TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 2ComicJuly 28, 2011Jeff Krelitz
129TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.03: "Dead of Night"TVJuly 22, 2011Billy GierhartMiracle Day
130TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 3ComicJuly 28, 2011
131TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.04: "Escape to L.A."TVJuly 29, 2011Billy GierhartMiracle Day
132TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 4ComicAugust 4, 2011
133TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.05: "The Categories of Life"TVAugust 5, 2011Guy FerlandMiracle Day
134TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 5ComicAugust 11, 2011
135TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.06: "The Middle Men"TVAugust 12, 2011Guy FerlandMiracle Day
136TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 6ComicAugust 18, 2011
137TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.07: "Immortal Sins"TVAugust 19, 2011Gwyneth Horder-PaytonMiracle Day
138TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 7ComicAugust 25, 2011
139TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.08: "End of the Road"TVAugust 26, 2011Gwyneth Horder-PaytonMiracle Day
140TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 8ComicSeptember 1, 2011
141TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.09: "The Gathering"TVSeptember 2, 2011Guy FerlandMiracle Day
142TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 9ComicSeptember 8, 2011
143TorchwoodWatchTorchwood 4.10: "The Blood Line"TVSeptember 9, 2011Billy GierhartMiracle Day
144TorchwoodReadTorchwood: Web of Lies - Part 10ComicSeptember 15, 2011
145TorchwoodListenArmy of OneAudioMarch 5, 2012Ian Edgington
146TorchwoodListenFalloutAudioApril 5, 2012David Llewellyn
147TorchwoodListenRed SkiesAudioMay 10, 2012Joseph Lidster
148TorchwoodListenMr InvincibleAudioJune 1, 2012Mark Morris
149TorchwoodReadThe Exodus CodeNovelSeptember 13, 2012Carole E. Barrowman
150TorchwoodListenForgotten LivesAudioJanuary 31, 2016Emma Reeves
151TorchwoodReadTorchwood #1ComicAugust 3, 2016John Barrowman
152TorchwoodReadTorchwood #2ComicOctober 19, 2016John Barrowman
153TorchwoodReadTorchwood #3ComicNovember 30, 2016John Barrowman
154TorchwoodReadTorchwood #4Comic21-Dec-16John Barrowman
155TorchwoodReadTorchwood #2.1ComicFebruary 8, 2017John Barrowman
156TorchwoodReadTorchwood #2.2ComicMarch 8, 2017John Barrowman
157TorchwoodReadTorchwood #2.3ComicApril 12, 2017John Barrowman
158TorchwoodReadTorchwood #2.4Comic17-May-17John Barrowman
159TorchwoodListenMore Than ThisAudioApril 30, 2016Guy Adams
160TorchwoodListenGhost MissionAudioJuly 31, 2016James Goss
161TorchwoodListenMade You LookAudioOctober 31, 2016Guy Adams
162TorchwoodListenVisiting HoursAudioMay 31, 2017David Llewellyn
163TorchwoodListenThe Torchwood ArchiveAudioDecember 31, 2016John Barrowman
164TorchwoodAliens Among Us - Changes EverythingAudioAugust 2017James Goss
165TorchwoodAliens Among Us - Aliens & Sex & Chips & GravyAudioAugust 2017James Goss
166TorchwoodAliens Among Us - OrrAudioAugust 2017Juno Dawson
167TorchwoodAliens Among Us - Superiority ComplexAudioAugust 2017AK Benedict
168TorchwoodTBAAudioOctoober 2017TBA
169TorchwoodTBAAudioOctoober 2017TBA
170TorchwoodTBAAudioOctoober 2017TBA
171TorchwoodTBAAudioOctoober 2017TBA
172TorchwoodTBAAudioFebruary 2018TBA
173TorchwoodTBAAudioFebruary 2018TBA
174TorchwoodTBAAudioFebruary 2018TBA
175TorchwoodTBAAudioFebruary 2018TBA