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elementary timeline

When does the Elementary timeline take place?

This is the unofficial Elementary timeline. This timeline consists of the CBS Elementary franchise and a few tie-in novels. The show’s setting is Sherlock Holmes not in London but in New York City being a detective consultant for the New York City Police Department. Sherlock’s partner in this series is Dr. Joan Watson. If you want more Sherlock Holmes adventures head over to our Sherlock timeline page. If you have any thoughts on this timeline please visit our Contact page and drop us a message.


#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1ElementaryStreamElementary 1.01: "Pilot"TV9/27/2012Michael Cuesta
2ElementaryStreamElementary 1.02: "While You Were Sleeping"TV10/4/2012John David Coles
3ElementaryStreamElementary 1.03: "Child Predator"TV10/18/2012Rod Holcomb
4ElementaryStreamElementary 1.04: "Rat Race"TV10/25/2012Rosemary Rodriguez
5ElementaryStreamElementary 1.05: "Lesser Evils"TV11/1/2012Colin Bucksey
6ElementaryStreamElementary 1.06: "Flight Risk"TV11/8/2012David Platt
7ElementaryStreamElementary 1.07: "One Way to Get Off"TV11/15/2012Seith Mann
8ElementaryStreamElementary 1.08: "The Long Fuse"TV11/29/2012Andrew Bernstein
9ElementaryStreamElementary 1.09: "You Do It to Yourself"TV12/6/2012Phil Abraham
10ElementaryStreamElementary 1.10: The Leviathan"TV12/13/2012Peter Werner
11ElementaryStreamElementary 1.11: "Dirty Laundry"TV1/3/2013John David Coles
12ElementaryStreamElementary 1.12: "M."TV1/10/2013John Polson
13ElementaryStreamElementary 1.13: "The Red Team"TV1/31/2013Christine Moore
14ElementaryStreamElementary 1.14: "The Deductionist"TV2/3/2013John Polson
15ElementaryStreamElementary 1.15: "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"TV2/3/2013Guy Ferland
16ElementaryStreamElementary 1.16: "Details"TV2/14/2013Sanaa Hamri
17ElementaryStreamElementary 1.17: "Possibility Two"TV2/21/2013Seith Mann
18ElementaryStreamElementary 1.18: "Déjà Vu All Over Again"TV3/14/2013Jerry Levine
19ElementaryStreamElementary 1.19: "Snow Angels"TV4/4/2013Andrew Bernstein
20ElementaryStreamElementary 1.20: "Dead Man's Switch"TV4/25/2013Larry Teng
21ElementaryStreamElementary 1.21: "A Landmark Story"TV5/2/2013Peter Werner
22ElementaryStreamElementary 1.22: "Risk Management"TV5/9/2013Adam Davidson
23ElementaryStreamElementary 1.23: "The Woman"TV5/16/2013Seith MannThis is flashback heavy episode you could put at the begining but it would spoil a few things.
24ElementaryStreamElementary 1.24: "Heroine"TV5/16/2013John Polson
25ElementaryStreamElementary 2.01: "Step Nine"TVSeptember 26, 2013John Polson
26ElementaryStreamElementary 2.02: "Solve for X"TVOctober 3, 2013Jerry Levine
27ElementaryStreamElementary 2.03: "We Are Everyone"TVOctober 10, 2013Michael Pressman
28ElementaryStreamElementary 2.04: "Poison Pen"TVOctober 17, 2013Andrew Bernstein
29ElementaryStreamElementary 2.05: "Ancient History"TVOctober 24, 2013Sanaa Hamri
30ElementaryStreamElementary 2.06: "An Unnatural Arrangement"TVOctober 31, 2013Christine Moore
31ElementaryStreamElementary 2.07: "The Marchioness"TVNovember 7, 2013Sanaa Hamri
32ElementaryStreamElementary 2.08: "Blood Is Thicker"TVNovember 14, 2013John Polson
33ElementaryStreamElementary 2.09: "On the Line"TVNovember 21, 2013Guy Ferland
34ElementaryStreamElementary 2.10: "Tremors"TVDecember 5, 2013Aaron Lipstadt
35ElementaryStreamElementary 2.11: "Internal Audit"TVDecember 12, 2013Jerry Levine
36ElementaryStreamElementary 2.12: "The Diabolical Kind"TVJanuary 2, 2014Larry Teng
37ElementaryStreamElementary 2.13: "All in the Family"TVJanuary 9, 2014Andrew Bernstein
38ElementaryStreamElementary 2.14: "Dead Clade Walking"TVJanuary 30, 2014Helen Shaver
39ElementaryStreamElementary 2.15: "Corpse de Ballet"TVFebruary 6, 2014Jean de Segonzac
40ElementaryReadElementary: The Ghost LineNovel2/24/2015Adam ChristopherAn email from the author stated this takes place during the second half of season 2.
41ElementaryStreamElementary 2.16: "The One Percent Solution"TVFebruary 27, 2014Guy Ferland
42ElementaryStreamElementary 2.17: "Ears to You"TVMarch 6, 2014Seith Mann
43ElementaryStreamElementary 2.18: "The Hound of the Cancer Cells"TVMarch 13, 2014Michael Slovis
44ElementaryStreamElementary 2.19: "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville"TVApril 3, 2014Larry Teng
45ElementaryStreamElementary 2.20: "No Lack of Void"TVApril 10, 2014Sanaa Hamri
46ElementaryStreamElementary 2.21: "The Man with the Twisted Lip"TVApril 24, 2014Seith Mann
47ElementaryStreamElementary 2.22: "Paint It Black"TVMay 1, 2014Lucy Liu
48ElementaryStreamElementary 2.23: "Art in the Blood"TVMay 8, 2014Guy Ferland
49ElementaryStreamElementary 2.24: "The Grand Experiment"TVMay 15, 2014John Polson
50ElementaryStreamElementary 3.01: "Enough Nemesis to Go Around"TVOctober 30, 2014John Polson6 Months later
51ElementaryStreamElementary 3.02: "The Five Orange Pipz"TVNovember 6, 2014Larry Teng
52ElementaryStreamElementary 3.03: "Just a Regular Irregular"TVNovember 13, 2014Jerry Levine
53ElementaryStreamElementary 3.04: "Bella"TVNovember 20, 2014Guy Ferland
54ElementaryStreamElementary 3.05: "Rip Off"TVNovember 27, 2014John Polson
55ElementaryStreamElementary 3.06: "Terra Pericolosa"TVDecember 4, 2014Aaron Lipstadt
56ElementaryStreamElementary 3.07: "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction"TVDecember 11, 2014Christine Moore
57ElementaryStreamElementary 3.08: "End of Watch"TVDecember 18, 2014Ron Fortunato
58ElementaryStreamElementary 3.09: "The Eternity Injection"TVJanuary 8, 2015Larry Teng
59ElementaryStreamElementary 3.10: "Seed Money"TVJanuary 15, 2015John Polson
60ElementaryStreamElementary 3.11: "The Illustrious Client"TVJanuary 22, 2015Guy Ferland
61ElementaryStreamElementary 3.12: "The One That Got Away"TVJanuary 29, 2015Seith Mann
62ElementaryStreamElementary 3.13: "Hemlock"TVFebruary 5, 2015Christine Moore
63ElementaryStreamElementary 3.14: "The Female of the Species"TVFebruary 12, 2015Lucy Liu
64ElementaryStreamElementary 3.15: "When Your Number's Up"TVFebruary 19, 2015Jerry Levine
65ElementaryStreamElementary 3.16: "For All You Know"TVMarch 5, 2015Guy Ferland
66ElementaryStreamElementary 3.17: "T-Bone and the Iceman"TVMarch 12, 2015Michael Slovis
67ElementaryStreamElementary 3.18: "The View From Olympus"TVApril 2, 2015Seith Mann
68ElementaryStreamElementary 3.19: "One Watson, One Holmes"TVApril 9, 2015John Polson
69ElementaryStreamElementary 3.20: "A Stitch in Time"TVApril 16, 2015Ron Fortunato
70ElementaryReadElementary: Blood and InkNovel4/26/2016Adam ChristopherAn email from the author stated this takes place during the second half of season 3.
71ElementaryStreamElementary 3.21: "Under My Skin"TVApril 23, 2015Aaron Lipstadt
72ElementaryStreamElementary 3.22: "The Best Way Out Is Always Through"TVApril 30, 2015Michael Slovis
73ElementaryStreamElementary 3.23: "Absconded"TVMay 7, 2015Guy Ferland
74ElementaryStreamElementary 3.24: "A Controlled Descent"TVMay 14, 2015John Polson
75ElementaryStreamElementary 4.01: "The Past Is Parent"TVNovember 5, 2015John Polson
76ElementaryStreamElementary 4.02: "Evidence of Things Not Seen"TVNovember 12, 2015Ron Fortunato
77ElementaryStreamElementary 4.03: "Tag, You're Me"TVNovember 19, 2015Christine Moore
78ElementaryStreamElementary 4.04: "All My Exes Live in Essex"TVNovember 26, 2015Michael Pressman
79ElementaryStreamElementary 4.05: "The Games Underfoot"TVDecember 10, 2015Alex Chapple
80ElementaryStreamElementary 4.06: "The Cost of Doing Business"TVDecember 17, 2015Aaron Lipstadt
81ElementaryStreamElementary 4.07: "Miss Taken"TVJanuary 7, 2016Guy Ferland
82ElementaryStreamElementary 4.08: "A Burden of Blood"TVJanuary 14, 2016Christine Moore
83ElementaryStreamElementary 4.09: "Murder Ex Machina"TVJanuary 21, 2016Guy Ferland
84ElementaryStreamElementary 4.10: "Alma Matters"TVJanuary 28, 2016Larry Teng
85ElementaryStreamElementary 4.11: "Down Where the Dead Delight"TVFebruary 4, 2016Jerry Levine
86ElementaryStreamElementary 4.12: "A View with a Room"TVFebruary 11, 2016John Polson
87ElementaryStreamElementary 4.13: "A Study in Charlotte"TVFebruary 18, 2016Guy Ferland
88ElementaryStreamElementary 4.14: "Who Is That Masked Man?"TVFebruary 25, 2016Larry Teng
89ElementaryStreamElementary 4.15: "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell"TVMarch 3, 2016John Polson
90ElementaryStreamElementary 4.16: "Hounded"TVMarch 10, 2016Ron Fortunato
91ElementaryStreamElementary 4.17: "You've Got Me, Who's Got You?"TVMarch 20, 2016Seith Mann
92ElementaryStreamElementary 4.18: "Ready or Not"TVMarch 27, 2016Christine Moore
93ElementaryStreamElementary 4.19: "All In"TVApril 10, 2016Aaron Lipstadt
94ElementaryStreamElementary 4.20: "Art Imitates Art"TVApril 10, 2016Ron Fortunato
95ElementaryStreamElementary 4.21: "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"TVApril 17, 2016Jeremy Webb
96ElementaryStreamElementary 4.22: "Turn It Upside Down"TVApril 24, 2016Lucy Liu
97ElementaryStreamElementary 4.23: "The Invisible Hand"TVMay 1, 2016Guy Ferland
98ElementaryStreamElementary 4.24: "A Difference in Kind"TVMay 8, 2016John Polson
99ElementaryStreamElementary 5.01: "Folie à Deux"TVOctober 2, 2016Christine Moore
100ElementaryStreamElementary 5.02: "Worth Several Cities"TVOctober 16, 2016Guy Ferland
101ElementaryStreamElementary 5.03: "Render, and Then Seize Her"TVOctober 23, 2016Alex Chapple
102ElementaryStreamElementary 5.04: "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling"TVOctober 30, 2016John Polson
103ElementaryStreamElementary 5.05: "To Catch a Predator Predator"TVNovember 6, 2016Guy Ferland
104ElementaryStreamElementary 5.06: "Ill Tidings"TVNovember 13, 2016Ron Fortunato
105ElementaryStreamElementary 5.07: "Bang Bang Shoot Chute"TVNovember 20, 2016Jerry Levine
106ElementaryStreamElementary 5.08: "How the Sausage Is Made"TVNovember 27, 2016Michael Pressman
107ElementaryStreamElementary 5.09: "It Serves You Right to Suffer"TVDecember 11, 2016Aidan Quinn
108ElementaryStreamElementary 5.10: "Pick Your Poison"TVDecember 18, 2016Jeremy Webb
109ElementaryStreamElementary 5.11: "Be My Guest"TVJanuary 8, 2017Maja Vrvilo
110ElementaryStreamElementary 5.12: "Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown"TVJanuary 15, 2017Michael Slovis
111ElementaryStreamElementary 5.13: "Over a Barrel"TVJanuary 29, 2017Guy Ferland
112ElementaryStreamElementary 5.14: "Rekt in Real Life"TVFebruary 19, 2017John Polson
113ElementaryStreamElementary 5.15: "Wrong Side of the Road"TVMarch 5, 2017Jennifer Lynch
114ElementaryStreamElementary 5.16: "Fidelity"TVMarch 12, 2017Christine Moore
115ElementaryStreamElementary 5.17: "The Ballad of Lucy Frances"TVMarch 19, 2017Aaron Lipstadt
116ElementaryStreamElementary 5.18: "Dead Man's Tale"TVMarch 26, 2017Alex Chapple