Chicagoverse Timeline

chicagoverse timeline
What shows are in the Chicago Franchise timeline?

The Chicago franchise or sometimes called the Chicagoverse timeline consists the stories of NBC’s Chicago Fire, Chicago PDChicago Med, and Chicago Justice. The Chicagoverse tells the stories of the men and women that serve as firefighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel and legal professionals for the city of Chicago. One of the series creators Dick Wolf has stated that a small bar called Molly’s will connect all four shows. Law and Order: SVU, from the Law and Order timeline is included in the Chicagoverse timeline because of the crossover episodes between the Law and Order: SVU timeline. All of the Chicagoverse timeline are part of the NBC network:

Chicago Fire: follows the stories of the brave men and women who are the firefighters of Chicago Firehouse 51.

Chicago PD: follows the patrol officers and detectives of the Chicago Police Department’s 21st District.

Chicago Med: follows the doctors and nurses of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Chicago Justice: follows the prosecutors and investigators at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: follows the detectives of the New York City who investigate detectives who investigate sexually based crimes and crimes against children and the elderly.

This timeline is in chronological order, it may not be in the order that is was broadcast. If you see something that needs to fixed or added to the Chicagoverse Timeline please drop us a note on our Contact page.

#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.01: "Pilot"TVOctober 10, 2012Jeffrey Nachmanoff
2Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.02: "Mon Amour"TVOctober 17, 2012Tom DiCillo
3Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.03: "Professional Courtesy"TVOctober 24, 2012Joe Chappelle
4Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.04: "One Minute"TVOctober 31, 2012Gloria Muzio
5Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.05: "Hanging On"TVNovember 7, 2012Jean de Segonzac
6Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.06: "Rear View Mirror"TVNovember 14, 2012Joe Chappelle
7Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.07: "Two Families"TVNovember 21, 2012Michael Slovis
8Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.08: "Leaving the Station"TVDecember 5, 2012Constantine Makris
9Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.09: "It Ain't Easy"TVDecember 12, 2012Tom DiCillo
10Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.10: "Merry Christmas, Etc."TVDecember 19, 2012Steve Shill
11Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.11: "God Has Spoken"TVJanuary 2, 2013Daniel Sackheim
12Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.12: "Under the Knife"TVJanuary 9, 2013Alex Chapple
13Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.13: "Warm and Dead"TVJanuary 30, 2013Alik Sakharov
14Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.14: "A Little Taste"TVFebruary 6, 2013Arthur W. Forney
15Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.15: "Nazdarovya!"TVFebruary 13, 2013Joe Chappelle
16Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.16: "Viral"TVFebruary 20, 2013Michael Brandt
17Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.17: "Better to Lie"TVFebruary 27, 2013Joe Chappelle
18Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.18: "Fireworks"TVMarch 20, 2013Karen Gaviola
19Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.19: "A Coffin That Small"TVMarch 27, 2013Darnell Martin
20Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.20: "Ambition"TVApril 3, 2013Arthur W. Forney
21Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.21: "Retaliation Hit"TVMay 1, 2013Jean de Segonzac
22Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.22: "Leaders Lead"TVMay 8, 2013Michael Slovis
23Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.23: "Let Her Go"TVMay 15, 2013Joe ChappelleBackdoor pilot for Chicago PD
24Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 1.24: "A Hell of a Ride"TVMay 22, 2013Alex Chapple
25Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.01: "A Problem House"TVSeptember 24, 2013Joe Chappelle
26Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.02: "Prove It"TVOctober 1, 2013Tom DiCillo
27Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.03: "Defcon 1"TVOctober 8, 2013Joe Chappelle
28Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.04: "A Nuisance Call"TVOctober 15, 2013Steve Shill
29Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.05: "A Power Move"TVOctober 22, 2013Jann Turner
30Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.06: "Joyriding"TVNovember 12, 2013Steve Shill
31Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.07: "No Regrets"TVNovember 19, 2013Michael Slovis
32Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.08: "Rhymes With Shout"TVNovember 26, 2013Joe Chappelle
33Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.09: "You Will Hurt Him"TVDecember 3, 2013Sanford Bookstaver
34Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.10: "Not Like This"TVDecember 10, 2013Alex Chapple
35Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.11: "Shoved In My Face"TVJanuary 7, 2014Jean de Segonzac
36Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.01: "Stepping Stone"TVJanuary 8, 2014Michael Slovis
37Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.12: "Out With a Bang"TVJanuary 14, 2014Alik Sakharov
38Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.02: "Wrong Side of the Bars"TVJanuary 15, 2014Joe Chappelle
39Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.13: "Tonight's the Night"TVJanuary 21, 2014Jann Turner
40Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.03: "Chin Check"TVJanuary 22, 2014Sanford Bookstaver
41Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.04: "Now Is Always Temporary"TVJanuary 29, 2014Mark Tinker
42Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.05: "Thirty Balloons"TVFebruary 5, 2014Karen Gaviola
43Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.14: "Virgin Skin"TVFebruary 25, 2014Karen Gaviola
44Law and Order: SVUWatchLaw and Order: SVU 15.15: "Comic Perversion"TVFebruary 26, 2014Alex ChappleStart of two part crossover
45Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.06: "Conventions"TVFebruary 26, 2014Alik SakharovEnd of two part crossover
46Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.07: "The Price We Pay"TVMarch 5, 2014Mark Tinker
47Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.15: "Keep Your Mouth Shut"TVMarch 4, 2014Holly Dale
48Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.16: "A Rocket Blasting Off"TVMarch 11, 2014Sanford Bookstaver
49Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.08: "Different Mistakes"TVMarch 12, 2014Fred Berner
50Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.17: "When Things Got Rough"TVMarch 18, 2014Jann Turner
51Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.09: "A Material Witness"TVMarch 19, 2014Sanford Bookstaver
52Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.10: "At Least It's Justice"TVApril 2, 2014Michael Slovis
53Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.18: "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground"TVApril 8, 2014Michael Slovis
54Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.11: "Turn the Light Off"TVApril 9, 2014Nick Gomez
55Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.19: "A Heavy Weight"TVApril 15, 2014Reza Tabrizi
56Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.20: "A Dark Day"TVApril 29, 2014Joe ChappelleStart of two part crossover
57Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.12: "8:30 PM"TVApril 30, 2014Mark TinkerEnd of two part crossover
58Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.21: "One More Shot"TVMay 6, 2014Jean de Segonzac
59Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.13: "My Way"TVMay 7, 2014Karen Gaviola
60Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.14: "The Docks"TVMay 14, 2014Nick Gomez
61Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 2.22: "Real Never Waits"TVMay 13, 2014Michael Brandt
62Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.01: "Always"TVSeptember 23, 2014Joe Chappelle
63Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 1.15: "A Beautiful Friendship"TVMay 21, 2014Mark Tinker
64Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.01: "Call It Macaroni"TVSeptember 24, 2014Mark Tinker
65Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.02: "Wow Me"TVSeptember 30, 2014Tom DiCillo
66Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.02: "Get My Cigarettes"TVOctober 1, 2014Arthur W. Forney
67Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.03: "Just Drive the Truck"TVOctober 7, 2014Sanford Bookstaver
68Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.03: "The Weigh Station"TVOctober 8, 2014Nick Gomez
69Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.04: "Apologies Are Dangerous"TVOctober 14, 2014Steve Shill
70Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.04: "Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw"TVOctober 15, 2014Reza Tabrizi
71Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.05: "The Nuclear Option"TVOctober 21, 2014Joe Chappelle
72Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.05: "An Honest Woman"TVOctober 22, 2014Mark Tinker
73Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.06: "Madmen and Fools"TVOctober 28, 2014Rod Holcomb
74Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.06: "Prison Ball"TVNovember 5, 2014Sanford Bookstaver
75Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.07: "Nobody Touches Anything"TVNovember 11, 2014Alex ChappleStart of three part crossover
76Law and Order: SVUWatchL&O: SVU 16.07: "Chicago Crossover"TVNovember 12, 2014Steve ShillPart of three part crossover
77Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.07: "They'll Have to Go Through Me"TVNovember 12, 2014Sanford BookstaverEnd of three part crossover
78Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.08: "Chopper"TVNovember 18, 2014Jann Turner
79Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.08: "Assignment of the Year"TVNovember 19, 2014Nick Gomez
80Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.09: "Arrest in Transit"TVNovember 25, 2014Jean de Segonzac
81Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.10: "Santa Bites"TVDecember 2, 2014Holly Dale
82Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.09: "Called in Dead"TVDecember 10, 2014Alik Sakharov
83Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.11: "Let Him Die"TVJanuary 6, 2015Steve Shill
84Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.10: "Shouldn't Have Been Alone"TVJanuary 7, 2015Fred Berner
85Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.12: "Ambush Predator"TVJanuary 13, 2015Joe Chappelle
86Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.11: "We Don't Work Together Anymore"TVJanuary 14, 2015Mario Van Peebles
87Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.12: "Disco Bob"TVJanuary 21, 2015Holly Dale
88Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.13: "Three Bells"TVFebruary 3, 2015Arthur W. ForneyStart of two part crossover
89Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.13: "A Little Devil Complex"TVFebruary 4, 2015Steve ShillEnd of two part crossover
90Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.14: "Call It Paradise"TVFebruary 10, 2015Reza Tabrizi
91Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.14: "Erin's Mom"TVFebruary 11, 2015Mark Tinker
92Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.15: "Headlong Toward Disaster"TVFebruary 17, 2015Joe Chappelle
93Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.15: "What Do You Do"TVFebruary 18, 2015Nick Gomez
94Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.16: "What Puts You On That Ledge"TVFebruary 25, 2015Fred Berner
95Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.16: "Red Rag the Bull"TVMarch 3, 2015Sanford Bookstaver
96Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.17: "Forgive You Anything"TVMarch 10, 2015Reza Tabrizi
97Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.18: "Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional"TVMarch 17, 2015Karyn Kusama
98Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.17: "Say Her Real Name"TVMarch 25, 2015Nick Gomez
99Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.18: "Get Back to Even"TVApril 1, 2015Jann Turner
100Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.19: "I Am the Apocalypse"TVApril 7, 2015Joe ChappelleBackdoor pilot for Chicago Med
101Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.19: "The Three Gs"TVApril 8, 2015Sanford Bookstaver
102Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.20: "You Know Where to Find Me"TVApril 21, 2015Jean de Segonzac
103Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.21: "We Called Her Jellybean"TVApril 28, 2015Joe ChappelleStart of three part crossover
104Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.20: "The Number of Rats"TVApril 29, 2015Nick GomezPart of three part crossover
105Law and Order: SVUWatchL&O: SVU 16.20: "Daydream Believer"TVApril 29, 2015Martha MitchellEnd of three part crossover
106Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.22: "Category 5"TVMay 5, 2015Dan Lerner
107Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.21: "There's My Girl"TVMay 6, 2015Mark Tinker
108Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 3.23: "Spartacus"TVMay 12, 2015Michael Brandt
109Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.22: "Push The Pain Away"TVMay 13, 2015Sanford Bookstaver
110Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 2.23: "Born Into Bad News"TVMay 20, 2015Mark Tinker
111Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.01: "Life is Fluid"TVSeptember 30, 2015Arthur W. Forney
112Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.02: "Natural Born Storyteller"TVOctober 7, 2015Mark Tinker
113Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.01: "Let It Burn"TVOctober 13, 2015Joe Chappelle
114Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.03: "Actual Physical Violence"TVOctober 14, 2015Fred Berner
115Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.02: "A Taste of Panama City"TVOctober 20, 2015Sanford Bookstaver
116Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.04: "Debts of the Past"TVOctober 21, 2015Rohn Schmidt
117Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.03: "I Walk Away"TVOctober 27, 2015Tom DiCillo
118Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.04: "Your Day Is Coming"TVNovember 3, 2015Reza Tabrizi
119Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.05: "Climbing Into Bed"TVOctober 28, 2015Mark Tinker
120Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.06: "You Never Know Who's Who"TVOctober 28, 2015Lin Oeding
121Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.07: "A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes"TVNovember 4, 2015Charlotte Brändström
122Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.05: "Regarding This Wedding"TVNovember 10, 2015Joe Chappelle
123Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.08: "Forget My Name"TVNovember 11, 2015Nick Gomez
124Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.01: "Derailed"TVNovember 17, 2015Michael Waxman
125Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.06: "2112"TVNovember 17, 2015Holly Dale
126Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.09: "Never Forget I Love You"TVNovember 18, 2015Terry Miller
127Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.02: "iNO"TVNovember 24, 2015Fred Berner
128Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.07: "Sharp Elbows"TVNovember 24, 2015Dan Lerner
129Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.03: "Fallback"TVDecember 1, 2015Tara Nicole Weyr
130Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.08: "When Tortoises Fly"TVDecember 1, 2015Haze Bergeron
131Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.09: "Short and Fat"TVDecember 8, 2015Joe Chappelle
132Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.04: "Mistaken"TVDecember 8, 2015Donald Petrie
133Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.10: "The Beating Heart"TVJanuary 5, 2016Reza TabriziStart of three part crossover
134Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.05: "Malignant"TVJanuary 5, 2016Nick GomezPart of three part crossover
135Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.10: "Now I'm God"TVJanuary 6, 2016Holly DaleEnd of three part crossover
136Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.11: "Knocked The Family Right Out"TVJanuary 13, 2016Mark Tinker
137Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.06: "Bound"TVJanuary 19, 2016Michael Waxman
138Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.11: "The Path of Destruction"TVJanuary 19, 2016Drucilla Carlson
139Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.12: "Looking Out For Stateville"TVJanuary 20, 2016Fred Berner
140Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.07: "Saints"TVJanuary 26, 2016Jann Turner
141Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.12: "Not Everyone Makes It"TVJanuary 26, 2016Reza Tabrizi
142Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.13: "The Sky Is Falling"TVFebruary 2, 2016Joe Chappelle
143Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.08: "Reunion"TVFebruary 2, 2016Donald Petrie
144Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.13: "Hit Me"TVFebruary 3, 2016Rohn Schmidt
145Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.09: "Choices"TVFebruary 9, 2016Jean de Segonzac
146Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.14: "All Hard Parts"TVFebruary 9, 2016Sanford Bookstaver
147Law and Order: SVUWatchL&O: SVU 17.14: "Nationwide Manhunt"TVFebruary 10, 2016Alex ChappleStart of two part crossover
148Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.14: "The Song of Gregory Williams Yates"TVFebruary 10, 2016Michael GrossmanEnd of two part crossover
149Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.10: "Clarity"TVFebruary 16, 2016Fred Berner
150Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.15: "Bad For the Soul"TVFebruary 16, 2016Jann Turner
151Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.15: "A Night Owl"TVFebruary 17, 2016Nick Gomez
152Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.11: "Intervention"TVFebruary 23, 2016Sanford Bookstaver
153Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.16: "Two Ts"TVFebruary 23, 2016Reza Tabrizi
154Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.16: "The Cases that Need to be Solved"TVFebruary 24, 2016Jean de Segonzac
155Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.17: "Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb"TVMarch 2, 2016Jann Turner
156Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.18: "Kasual with a K"TVMarch 23, 2016David Rodriguez
157Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.12: "Guilty"TVMarch 29, 2016Holly Dale
158Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.17: "What Happened to Courtney"TVMarch 29, 2016Jeffrey Hunt
159Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.19: "If We Were Normal"TVMarch 30, 2016Mark Tinker
160Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.13: "Us"TVApril 5, 2016Michael Waxman
161Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.18: "On the Warpath"TVApril 5, 2016Joe Chappelle
162Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.14: "Hearts"TVApril 19, 2016Donald Petrie
163Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.19: "I Will Be Walking"TVApril 19, 2016Sanford Bookstaver
164Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.15: "Inheritance"TVApril 26, 2016Stephen Cragg
165Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.20: "The Last One for Mom"TVApril 26, 2016Fred Berner
166Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.16: "Disorder"TVMay 3, 2016Ami Mann
167Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.21: "Kind of a Crazy Idea"TVMay 3, 2016Joe Chappelle
168Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.20: "In A Duffel Bag"TVMay 4, 2016Nick Gomez
169Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.17: "Withdrawal"TVMay 10, 2016Fred Berner
170Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.22: "Where the Collapse Started"TVMay 10, 2016Sanford Bookstaver
171Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.21: "Justice"TVMay 11, 2016Jean de SegonzacBackdoor pilot for Chicago Justice
172Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 1.18: "Timing"TVMay 17, 2016Michael Waxman
173Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 4.23: "Superhero"TVMay 17, 2016Michael Brandt
174Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.01: "The Hose or the Animal"TVOctober 11, 2016Joe Chappelle
175Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.22: "She's Got Us"TVMay 18, 2016Lin Oeding
176Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 3.23: "Start Digging"TVMay 25, 2016Mark Tinker
177Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.01: "The Silos"TVSeptember 21, 2016Mark Tinker
178Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.01: "Soul Care"TVSeptember 22, 2016Arthur W. Forney
179Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.02: "Made a Wrong Turn"TVSeptember 28, 2016Fred Berner
180Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.02:"Win Loss"TVSeptember 29, 2016David Rodriguez
181Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.03: "All Cylinders Firing"TVOctober 5, 2016Nick Gomez
182Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.03:"Natural History"TVOctober 6, 2016Michael Waxman
183Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.04: "Big Friends, Big Enemies"TVOctober 12, 2016Rohn Schmidt
184Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.04:"Brother's Keeper"TVOctober 13, 2016Stephen Cragg
185Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.02: "A Real Wake-Up Call"TVOctober 18, 2016Reza Tabrizi
186Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.05:"Extreme Measures"TVOctober 20, 2016Daisy von Scherler Mayer
187Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.03: "Scorched Earth"TVOctober 25, 2016Joe Chappelle
188Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.05: "A War Zone"TVOctober 26, 2016Eriq La Salle
189Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.06:"Alternative Medicine"TVOctober 27, 2016Eriq La Salle
190Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.04: "Nobody Else is Dying Today"TVNovember 1, 2016Sanford Bookstaver
191Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.07:"Inherent Bias"TVNovember 3, 2016Michael Waxman
192Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.06: "Some Friend"TVNovember 9, 2016Mark Tinker
193Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.08:"Free Will"TVNovember 10, 2016Charles S. Carroll
194Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.05: "I Held Her Hand"TVNovember 15, 2016Reza Tabrizi
195Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.07: "300,000 Likes"TVNovember 16, 2016Charlotte Brandström
196Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.08: "A Shot Heard Around the World"TVNovember 16, 2016Terry Miller
197Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.06: "That Day"TVNovember 22, 2016Dan Lerner
198Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.07: "Lift Each Other"TVNovember 29, 2016Alex Chapple
199Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.08: "One Hundred"TVDecember 6, 2016Joe Chappelle
200Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.09: "Some Make It, Some Don't"TVJanuary 3, 2017Drucilla Carlson
201Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.09: "Don't Bury This Case"TVJanuary 3, 2017Cherie Nowlan
202Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.10: "Don't Read the News"TVJanuary 4, 2017Nick Gomez
203Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.09:"Uncharted Territory"TVJanuary 5, 2017Patrick Norris
204Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.11: "You Wish"TVJanuary 11, 2017Mark Tinker
205Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.10:"Heart Matters"TVJanuary 12, 2017Fred Berner
206Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.10: "The People We Meet"TVJanuary 17, 2017David Rodriguez
207Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.12: "Sanctuary"TVJanuary 18, 2017John Hyams
208Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.11:"Graveyard Shift"TVJanuary 19, 2017Alex Zakrzewski
209Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.11: "Who Lives and Who Dies"TVJanuary 24, 2017Haze J. F. Bergeron III
210Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.12:"Mirror Mirror"TVFebruary 2, 2017Vincent Misiano
211Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.12: "An Agent of the Machine"TVFebruary 7, 2017Jann Turner
212Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.13: "I Remember Her Now"TVFebruary 8, 2017David Rodriguez
213Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.13:"Theseus' Ship"TVFebruary 9, 2017Kenneth Johnson
214Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.13: "Trading in Scuttlebutt"TVFebruary 14, 2017Reza Tabrizi
215Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.14: "Seven Indictments"TVFebruary 15, 2017Mark Tinker
216Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.14:"Cold Front"TVFebruary 16, 2017Michael Waxman
217Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.14: "Purgatory"TVFebruary 21, 2017Joe Chappelle
218Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.15: "Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will"TVFebruary 22, 2017Holly Dale
219Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.15: "Deathtrap"TVMarch 1, 2017Joe ChappelleStart of three part crossover
220Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.16: "Emotional Proximity"TVMarch 1, 2017Reza TabriziPart of three part crossover
221Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.01: "Fake"TVMarch 1, 2017Donald PetrieEnd of three part crossover
222Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.15: "Lose Yourself"TVMarch 2, 2017David Rodriguez
223Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.02: "Uncertainty Principle"TVMarch 5, 2017Norberto Barba
224Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.03: "See Something"TVMarch 7, 2017Fred Berner
225Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.16: "Prisoner's Dilemma"TVMarch 9, 2017Laura Belsey
226Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.04: "Judge Not"TVMarch 12, 2017Elodie Keene
227Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.17: "Monday Mourning"TVMarch 16, 2017Fred Berner
228Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.05: "Friendly Fire"TVMarch 19, 2017Stephen Cragg
229Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.16: "Telling Her Goodbye"TVMarch 21, 2017Reza Tabrizi
230Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.17: "Remember The Devil"TVMarch 22, 2017Rohn Schmidt
231Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.06: "Dead Meat"TVMarch 26, 2017Eriq La Salle
232Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.17: "Babies and Fools"TVMarch 28, 2017Holly Dale
233Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.18: "Little Bit of Light"TVMarch 29, 2017Lin Oeding
234Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.18: "Lesson Learned"TVMarch 30, 2017Michael Pressman
235Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.07: "Double Helix"TVApril 2, 2017Donald Petrie
236Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.18: "Take a Knee"TVApril 4, 2017Joe Chappelle
237Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.19: "Last Minute Resistance"TVApril 5, 2017John Hyams
238Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.19: "Ctrl Alt"TVApril 6, 2017Valerie Weiss
239Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.08: "Lily's Law"TVApril 9, 2017Donald Petrie
240Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.20: "Generation Gap"TVApril 13, 2017Stephen Cragg
241Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.09: "Comma"TVApril 16, 2017Alex Zakrzewski
242Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.10: "Drill"TVApril 23, 2017Vincent Misiano
243Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.19: "Carry Their Legacy"TVApril 25, 2017Reza Tabrizi
244Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.20: "Grasping for Salvation"TVApril 26, 2017David Rodriguez
245Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.21: "Deliver Us"TVApril 27, 2017Holly Dale
246Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.11: "AQD"TVApril 30, 2017Victor Nelli Jr.
247Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.20: "Carry Me"TVMay 2, 2017Eric Laneuville
248Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.21: "Fagin"TVMay 3, 2017Fred Berner
249Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.22: "White Butterflies"TVMay 4, 2017Eriq La Salle
250Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.12: "Fool Me Twice"TVMay 7, 2017Martha Mitchell
251Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.21: "Sixty Days"TVMay 9, 2017Sanford Bookstaver
252Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.22: "Army of One"TVMay 10, 2017John Whitesell
253Chicago MedWatchChicago Med 2.23: "Love Hurts"TVMay 11, 2017Michael Waxman
254Chicago JusticeWatchChicago Justice 1.13: "Tycoon"TVMay 14, 2017Fred Berner
255Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 4.23: "Fork in the Road"TVMay 17, 2017Mark Tinker
256Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 5.22: "My Miracle"TVMay 16, 2017Michael Brandt
257Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.1: "It Wasn't Enough"TVSeptember 28, 2017Reza Tabrizi
258Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 5.01: "Reform"TVSeptember 27, 2017Eriq La Salle
259Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 5.02: "The Thing About Heroes"TVOctober 4, 2017Rohn Schmidt
260Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.02: "Ignite on Contact"TVOctober 5, 2017John Hyams
261Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 5.03: "The Thing About Heroes"TVOctober 11, 2017John Whitesell
262Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.03: "An Even Bigger Surprise"TVOctober 12, 2017Sanford Bookstaver
263Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 5.04: "The Thing About Heroes"TVOctober 18, 2017Terry Miller
264Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.04: "A Breaking Point"TVOctober 19, 2017Matt Earl Beesley
265Chicago PDWatchChicago PD 5.05: "Home"TVOctober 25, 2017Eriq La Salle
266Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.05: "Devil's Bargain"TVOctober 26, 2017Jono Oliver
267Chicago FireWatchChicago Fire 6.06: "Down is Better"TVNovember 2, 2017Reza Tabrizi
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