Arrowverse Timeline

arrowverse timeline
The unofficial Arrowverse timeline which consists the stories of DC Comic’s Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen, and Constantine. These series are part of the CW network:

Arrow: Oliver Queen’s relent-lance per-suite to save Star/Starling City. Oliver spent 5 years on an island only to come back to redeem himself and his family.

The Flash: Barry Allen is the Flash protecting his home of Central City. Some of the Flash tie in comics are not considered to be canon because they do not go along with the story line of the TV show.

Supergirl: Supergirl exists in alternate universe (Earth-38) from the rest of the shows in the Arrowverse. Therefore, the Flash travels to her earth when time comes to travel the multiverse. Supergirl moved to the CW after spending its first season on CBS.

Legends of Tomorrow: Multiple time traveling heroes protecting the Arrowverse timeline.

Vixen: An animated series on the CW Seed where a woman has a magic totem that allows her to gain to the power of animals. Vixen appears multiple times in the live action shows making up the Arrowverse timeline.

Constantine: John Constantine was brought into the Arrowverse during the fourth season of Arrow. Constantine was cancelled after one season on NBC in 2015. This show is coming back has an animated series on the CW Seed. Matt Ryan will continue his roll has John Constantine.

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#Series:Buy:Content Title:Type:Air/Published Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1ArrowArrow Special Edition: "Test Drive"ComicJuly 13, 2012Andrew Kreisberg,
Marc Guggenheim,
Greg Berlanti and
Geoff Johns
I have only found this story in the Arrow Vol. 1 comics chapters 1-18, you can get it here.
2ArrowBuyArrow 1.01: "Pilot"TVOctober 10, 2012David NutterYou can buy chapters "Test Drive" and 1-18 in Arrow Vol. 1 here.
3ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #1: "Time's Arrow"ComicOctober 10, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
4ArrowBuyArrow 1.02: "Honor Thy Father"TVOctober 17, 2012David Barrett
5ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #2: "Prey"ComicOctober 17, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
6ArrowBuyArrow 1.03: "Lone Gunmen"TVOctober 24, 2012Guy Bee
7ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #3: "China White"ComicOctober 24, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
8ArrowBuyArrow 1.04: "An Innocent Man"TVOctober 31, 2012Vince Misiano
9ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #4: "Diggle"ComicOctober 31, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
10ArrowBuyArrow 1.05: "Damaged"TVNovember 7, 2012Michael Schultz
11ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #5: "Fanthoms"ComicNovember 7, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
12ArrowBuyArrow 1.06: "Legacies"TVNovember 14, 2012John Behring
13ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #6: "Moscow"ComicNovember 14, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
14ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #7: "Boys Night"ComicNovember 21, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
15ArrowBuyArrow 1.07: "Muse of Fire"TVNovember 28, 2012David Grossman
16ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #8: "[REC.]"ComicNovember 28, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
17ArrowBuyArrow 1.08: "Vendetta"TVDecember 5, 2012Ken Fink
18ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #9: "Falling"ComicDecember 5, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
19ArrowBuyArrow 1.09: "Year's End"TVDecember 12, 2012John Dahl
20ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #10: "Caged"ComicDecember 12, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
21ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #11: "Huntress Year One"ComicDecember 19, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
22ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #12: "Limbo"ComicDecember 26, 2012Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
23ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #13: "Shanghai"ComicJanuary 2, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
24ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #14: "Call to the Bar"ComicJanuary 9, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
25ArrowBuyArrow 1.10: "Burned"TVJanuary 16, 2013Eagle Egilsson
26ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #15: "6:15 to Starling City"ComicJanuary 16, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
27ArrowBuyArrow 1.11: "Trust But Verify"TVJanuary 23, 2013Nick Copus
28ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #16: "Sins of the Father"ComicJanuary 23, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
29ArrowBuyArrow 1.12: "Vertigo"TVJanuary 30, 2013Wendey Stanzler
30ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #17: "Two Minute Warning"ComicJanuary 30, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
31ArrowBuyArrow 1.13: "Betrayal"TVFebruary 6, 2013Guy Bee
32ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #18: "Keep 'Em Coming"ComicFebruary 6, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
33ArrowBuyArrow 1.14: "The Odyssey"TVFebruary 13, 2013John Behring
34ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #19: "Wintergreen"ComicFebruary 13, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
You can buy chapters and 19-36 in Arrow Vol. 2 here.
35ArrowBuyArrow 1.15: "Dodger"TVFebruary 20, 2013Eagle Egilsson
26ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #20: "Make it Rain"ComicFebruary 20, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
37ArrowBuyArrow 1.16: "Dead to Rights"TVFebruary 27, 2013Glen Winter
38ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #21: "Detour"ComicFebruary 27, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
39ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #22: "Back from the Deadshot"ComicMarch 6, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
40ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #23: "Hunters"ComicMarch 13, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
41ArrowBuyArrow 1.17: "The Huntress Returns"TVMarch 20, 2013Guy Bee
42ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #24: "Diamonds in the Rough"ComicMarch 20, 2013Marc Guggenheim and
Andrew Kreisberg
43ArrowBuyArrow 1.18: "Salvation"TVMarch 27, 2013Nick Copus
44ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #25: "The Pieces Missing"ComicMarch 27, 2013Marc Guggenheim
45ArrowBuyArrow 1.19: "Unfinished Business"TVApril 3, 2013Michael Offer
46ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #26: "Lapse"ComicApril 3, 2013Marc Guggenheim
47ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #27: "Lone Hunter"ComicApril 10, 2013Marc Guggenheim
48ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #28: "Aftermath"ComicApril 17, 2013Marc Guggenheim
49ArrowBuyArrow 1.20: "Home Invasion"TVApril 24, 2013Ken Fink
50ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #29: "Shado of the Past"ComicApril 24, 2013Marc Guggenheim
51ArrowBuyArrow 1.21: "The Undertaking"TVMay 1, 2013Michael Shultz
53ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #30: "Patient Zero"ComicMay 1, 2013Marc Guggenheim
54ArrowBuyArrow 1.22: "Darkness on the Edge of Town"TVMay 8, 2013John Behring
55ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #31: "No Way Out"ComicMay 8, 2013Emilio Aldrich and
Marc Guggenheim
56ArrowBuyArrow 1.23: "Sacrifice"TVMay 15, 2013David Barrett
57ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #32: "From the Darkness"ComicMay 15, 2013Marc Guggenheim
58ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #33: "Potential"ComicMay 23, 2013Marc Guggenheim
59ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #34: "You Owe Me"ComicMay 29, 2013Marc Guggenheim
60ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #35: "Sacrifices - Part 1"ComicJune 5, 2013Marc Guggenheim
61ArrowBuyArrow Chapter #36: "Sacrifices - Part 2"ComicJune 12, 2013Marc Guggenheim
62ArrowBuyArrow: VengeanceNovelFebruary 23, 2016Oscar Balderrama and Lauren Certo
63ArrowBuyArrow 2.01: "City of Heroes"TVOctober 9, 2013John Behring
64ArrowBuyArrow 2.02: "Identity"TVOctober 16, 2013Nick Copus
65ArrowBuyArrow 2.03: "Broken Dolls"TVOctober 23, 2013Glen Winter
66ArrowBuyArrow 2.04: "Crucible"TVOctober 30, 2013Eagle Egilsson
67ArrowBuyArrow 2.05: "League of Assassins"TVNovember 6, 2013Wendey Stanzler
68ArrowArrow Blood Rush 1: "Mr. Queen Is Unavailable"WebNovember 6, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
69ArrowBuyArrow 2.06: "Keep Your Enemies Closer"TVNovember 13, 2013Guy Bee
70ArrowArrowBlood Rush 2: "Roy to the Rescue"WebNovember 13, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
71ArrowBuyArrow 2.07: "State v. Queen"TVNovember 20, 2013Bethany Rooney
72ArrowArrow Blood Rush 3: "Down the Rabbit Hole"WebNovember 20, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
73ArrowBlood Rush 4: "The Sample"WebNovember 27, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
74ArrowBuyArrow 2.08: "The Scientist"TVDecember 4, 2013Michael Schultz
75ArrowArrow Blood Rush 5: "Closing In"WebDecember 4, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
76ArrowBuyArrow 2.09: "Three Ghosts"TVDecember 11, 2013John Behring
77ArrowArrowBlood Rush 6: "Heroic Deeds"WebDecember 11, 2013Lauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleA 6 part series presented by Bose with Bose product placement. You can find them on You Tube.
78ArrowBuyArrow 2.10: "Blast Radius"TVJanuary 15, 2014Rob Hardy
79ArrowBuyArrow 2.11: "Blind Spot"TVJanuary 22, 2014Glen Winter
80ArrowBuyArrow 2.12: "Tremors"TVJanuary 29, 2014Guy Bee
81ArrowBuyArrow 2.13: "Heir to the Demon"TVFebruary 5, 2014Wendey Stanzler
82ArrowBuyArrow 2.14: "Time of Death"TVFebruary 26, 2014Nick Copus
83ArrowBuyArrow 2.15: "The Promise"TVMarch 5, 2014Glen Winter
84ArrowBuyArrow 2.16: "Suicide Squad"TVMarch 19, 2014Larry Teng
85ArrowBuyArrow 2.17: "Birds of Prey"TVMarch 26, 2014John Behring
86ArrowBuyArrow 2.18: "Deathstroke"TVApril 2, 2014Guy Bee
87ArrowBuyArrow 2.19: "The Man Under the Hood"TVApril 16, 2014Jesse Warn
88ArrowBuyArrow 2.20: "Seeing Red"TVApril 23, 2014Doug Aarniokoski
89ArrowBuyArrow 2.21: "City of Blood"TVApril 30, 2014Michael Schultz
90ArrowBuyArrow 2.22: "Streets of Fire"TVMay 7, 2014Nick Copus
91ArrowBuyArrow 2.23: "Unthinkable"TVMay 14, 2014John Behring
92ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #1: "Return" ComicSeptember 1, 2014Marc Guggenheim
93ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #2: "Descent"ComicSeptember 15, 2014Marc Guggenheim
94ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #3: "Acolyte" ComicSeptember 29, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
95ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #4: "Ascension" ComicOctober 13, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
96ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #5: "Following" ComicOctober 27, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
97ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #6: "Outnumbered" ComicNovember 10, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
98ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #7: "Haunted" ComicNovember 24, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
99ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #8: "Awakenings" ComicDecember 8, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
100ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #9: "Transitions" ComicDecember 22, 2014Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
101ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #10: "Gone" ComicJanuary 5, 2015Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
102ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #11: "Blood part 11" ComicJanuary 19, 2015Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
103ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #12: "Blood part 12" ComicFebruary 2, 2015Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
104ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #13: "Assault" ComicFebruary 16, 2015Marc Guggenheim,
Brian Ford Sullivan and
Keto Shimizu
105ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #14: "Assurances" ComicMarch 2, 2015Marc Guggenheim and
Keto Shimizu
106ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #15: "Choice" ComicMarch 16, 2015Marc Guggenheim
107ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #16: "Flames" ComicMarch 30, 2015Marc Guggenheim
108ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #17: "Echo" ComicApril 13, 2015Marc Guggenheim
109ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #18: "Vengeance" ComicApril 17, 2015Marc Guggenheim and
Brian Ford Sullivan
110ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #19: "Promises" ComicMay 11, 2015Marc Guggenheim
111ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #20: "The Gift" ComicMay 25, 2015Marc Guggenheim
112ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #21: "Home" ComicJune 8, 2015Marc Guggenheim
113ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #22: "Recompense" ComicJune 22, 2015Marc Guggenheim
114ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #23: "Reckoning" ComicJuly 6, 2015Marc Guggenheim
115ArrowBuyArrow Season 2.5 #24: "Prologue" ComicJuly 20, 2015Marc Guggenheim
116FlashBuyThe Flash 1.01: "Pilot"TVOctober 7, 2014David Nutter
117ArrowBuyArrow 3.01: "The Calm"TVOctober 8, 2014Glen Winter
118FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 1: "The Strongman Cometh" (non-canon)ComicSeptember 8, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
119FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 2: "Who Let the Chimps Out?" (non-canon)ComicSeptember 22, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
120FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 3: "A Goodnight Hiss" (non-canon)ComicOctober 6, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
121FlashBuyThe Flash 1.02: "Fastest Man Alive"TVOctober 14, 2014David Nutter
122ArrowBuyArrow 3.02: "Sara"TVOctober 15, 2014Wendey Stanzler
123FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 4: "Big Top Brawl" (non-canon)ComicOctober 20, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
124FlashBuyThe Flash 1.03: "Things You Can't Outrun"TVOctober 21, 2014Jesse Warn
125ArrowBuyArrow 3.03: "Corto Maltese"TVOctober 22, 2014Stephen Surjik
126FlashBuyThe Flash 1.04: "Going Rogue"TVOctober 28, 2014Glen Winter
127ArrowBuyArrow 3.04: "The Magician"TVOctober 29, 2014John Behring
128FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 5: "The Talent Mr. Bliss" (non-canon)ComicNovember 3, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
129ArrowBuyArrow 3.05: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"TVNovember 5, 2014Michael Schultz
130FlashBuyThe Flash 1.05: "Plastique"TVNovember 11, 2014Dermott Downs
131ArrowBuyArrow 3.06: "Guilty"TVNovember 12, 2014Peter Leto
132FlashThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 6: "A Captive Audience" (non-canon)ComicNovember 17, 2014Andrew KreisbergThis individual chapter title is unavailable on Amazon at this time. You can all the chapters of The Flash: Season Zero here.
133FlashBuyThe Flash 1.06: "The The Flash is Born"TVNovember 18, 2014Millicent Shelton
134ArrowBuyArrow 3.07: "Draw Back Your Bow"TVNovember 19, 2014Rob Hardy
135FlashBuyThe Flash 1.07: "Power Outage"TVNovember 25, 2014Larry Shaw
136FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 7: "Showtime" (non-canon)ComicDecember 1, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
137FlashBuyThe Flash 1.08: "The Flash vs. Arrow"TVDecember 2, 2014Glen WinterStart of 2-part crossover.
138ArrowBuyArrow 3.08: "The Brave and the Bold"TVDecember 3, 2014Jesse WarnEnd of 2-part crossover.
139FlashBuyThe Flash 1.09: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"TVDecember 9, 2014Ralph Hemecker
140ArrowBuyArrow 3.09: "The Climb"TVDecember 3, 2014Thor Freudenthal
141FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 8: "The Big Finale" (non-canon)ComicDecember 15, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
142FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 9: "Smoak Signals part 1"ComicDecember 29, 2014Andrew Kreisberg
143FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 10: "Smoak Signals part 2"ComicJanuary 12, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
144FlashBuyThe Flash 1.10: "Revenge of the Rogues"TVJanuary 20, 2015Nick Copus
145ArrowBuyArrow 3.10: "Left Behind"TVJanuary 21, 2015Glen Winter
146FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 11: "Bit Marks" (non-canon)ComicJanuary 26, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
147FlashBuyThe Flash 1.11: "The Sound and the Fury"TVJanuary 27, 2015John F. Showalter
148ArrowBuyArrow 3.11: "Midnight City"TVJanuary 28, 2015Nick Copus
149FlashBuyThe Flash 1.12: "Crazy for You"TVFebruary 3, 2015Rob Hardy
150ArrowBuyArrow 3.12: "Uprising"TVFebruary 4, 2015Jesse Warn
151FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 12: "Shark Bait" (non-canon)ComicFebruary 9, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
152FlashBuyThe Flash 1.13: "The Nuclear Man"TVFebruary 10, 2015Glen Winter
153ArrowBuyArrow 3.13: "Canaries"TVFebruary 11, 2015Michael Schultz
154FlashBuyThe Flash 1.14: "Fallout"TVFebruary 17, 2015Steve Surjik
155ArrowBuyArrow 3.14: "The Return"TVFebruary 18, 2015Dermott Downs
156FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 13: "Fish Fry" (non-canon)ComicFebruary 23, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
157ArrowBuyArrow 3.15: "Nanda Parbat"TVFebruary 25, 2015Gregory Smith
158FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 14: "Blood Loss" (non-canon)ComicMarch 9, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
159FlashBuyThe Flash 1.15: "Out of Time"TVMarch 17, 2015Thor Freudenthal
160VixenVixen 1.1: "Episode 1"WebAugust 25, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
161VixenVixen 1.2: "Episode 2"WebSeptember 1, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
162VixenVixen 1.3: "Episode 3"WebSeptember 8, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
163VixenVixen 1.4: "Episode 4"WebSeptember 15, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
164VixenVixen 1.5: "Episode 5"WebSeptember 22, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
165VixenVixen 1.6: "Episode 6"WebSeptember 29, 2015Greg BerlantiFound online at CW Seed
166ArrowBuyArrow 3.16: "The Offer"TVMarch 18, 2015Dermott Downs
167FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 15: "A Little Help from Some Friends" (non-canon)ComicMarch 23, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
168FlashBuyThe Flash 1.16: "Rogue Time"TVMarch 24, 2015John Behring
169ArrowBuyArrow 3.17: "Suicidal Tendencies"TVMarch 25, 2015Jesse Warn
170FlashBuyThe Flash 1.17: "Tricksters"TVMarch 31, 2015Ralph Hemecker
171ArrowBuyArrow 3.18: "Public Enemy"TVApril 1, 2015Dwight Little
172FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 16: "The Impossible Mission" (non-canon)ComicApril 6, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
173FlashBuyThe Flash 1.18: "All Star Team Up"TVApril 14, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
174ArrowBuyArrow 3.19: "Broken Arrow"TVApril 15, 2015Doug Aarniokoski
175FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 17: "A Minor Setback" (non-canon)ComicApril 20, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
176FlashBuyThe Flash 1.19: "Who Is Harrison Wells?"TVApril 21, 2015Wendey Stanzler
177ArrowBuyArrow 3.20: "The Fallen"TVApril 22, 2015Antonio Negret
178FlashBuyThe Flash 1.20: "The Trap"TVApril 28, 2015Steve Shill
179ArrowBuyArrow 3.21: "Al Sah-him"TVApril 29, 2015Thor Freudenthal
180FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 18: "A New Home" (non-canon)ComicMay 4, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
181FlashBuyThe Flash 1.21: "Grodd Lives"TVMay 5, 2015Dermott Downs
182ArrowBuyArrow 3.22: "This Is Your Sword"TVMay 6, 2015Wendey Stanzler
183FlashBuyThe Flash 1.22: "Rogue Air"TVMay 12, 2015Doug Aarniokoski
184ArrowBuyArrow 3.23: "My Name Is Oliver Queen"TVMay 13, 2015John Behring
185FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 19: "Black Star" ComicMay 18, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
186FlashBuyThe Flash 1.23: "Fast Enough"TVMay 19, 2015Dermott Downs
187FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 20: "Day in the Life" ComicJune 1, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
188FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 21: "Of Fire and Ice" (non-canon)ComicJune 15, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
189FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 22: "Of Ice and Fire" (non-canon)ComicJune 29, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
190FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 23: "Mentors and Meltdowns part 1ComicJuly 13, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
191FlashBuyThe Flash: Season Zero Chapter 24: "Mentors and Meltdowns part 2ComicJuly 27, 2015Andrew Kreisberg
192ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.01: "Non Est Asylum"TVOctober 24, 2014Daniel Cerone, David Goyer
193ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.02: "The Darkness Beneath"TVOctober 31, 2014Steve Shill
194ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.03: "The Devil's Vinyl"TVNovember 7, 2014Romeo Tirone
195ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.04: "Feast of Friends"TVNovember 14, 2014John F. Showalter
196ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.05: "Danse Vaudou"TVNovember 21, 2014John Badham
197ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.06: "The Rage of Caliban"TVNovember 28, 2014Neil Marshall
198ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.07: "Blessed Are the Damned"TVDecember 5, 2014Nick Gomez
199ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.08: "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part One"TVDecember 12, 2014TJ Scott
200ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.09: "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part Two"TVJanuary 16, 2015Romeo Tirone
201ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.10: "Quid Pro Quo"TVJanuary 23, 2015Mary Harron
202ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.11: "A Whole World Out There"TVJanuary 30, 2015Tom Wright
203ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.12: "Angels and Ministers of Grace"TVFebruary 6, 2015Sam Hill
204ConstantineBuyConstantine 1.13: "Waiting for the Man"TVFebruary 13, 2015David Boyd
205ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #1: "Sacrifice"ComicJanuary 13, 2016John Barrowman and Carole BarrowmanYou can buy Arrow: The Dark Archer #1-12 in 1 graphic novel here.
206ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #2: "Carnage"ComicJanuary 27, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
207ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #3: "Deception"ComicFebruary 10, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
208ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #4: "Confession"ComicFebruary 24, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
209ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #5: "Tempest"ComicMarch 9, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
210ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #6: "Blessed"ComicMarch 23, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
211ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #7: "Traitor" ComicApril 6, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
212ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #8: "Betrayal" ComicApril 20, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
213ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #9: "Sacrifice"ComicMay 4, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
214ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #10: "Vengeance" ComicMay 18, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
215ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #11: "Reckoning" ComicJune 1, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
216ArrowBuyArrow The Dark Archer #12: "Justice" ComicJune 15, 2016John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman
223SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.01: "Pilot"TVOctober 26, 2015Glen WinterSupergirl starts on Earth-38.
224SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #1: "Chapter 1"ComicJanuary 25, 2016Sterling GatesYou can buy the Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1-13 in one graphic novel here.
218ArrowBuyArrow 4.01: "Green Arrow"TVOctober 7, 2015Thor Freudenthal
217FlashBuyThe Flash 2.01: "The Man Who Saved Central City"TVOctober 6, 2015Ralph Hemecker
219FlashBuyThe Flash 2.02: "Flash of Two Worlds"TVOctober 13, 2015Jesse Warn
220ArrowBuyArrow 4.02: "The Candidate"TVOctober 14, 2015John Behring
227SupergirlSupergirl: Sister ActWebJuly 7, 0215Andrew Kreisberg,
Greg Berlanti and
Ali Adler
Sister Act is an exclusive comic story in TV Guide magazine's Comic-Con edition. You can find it here.
228SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.02: "Stronger Together"TVNovember 2, 2015Dermott Downs
229SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #2: "Chapter 2"ComicFebruary 8, 2016Sterling Gates
232SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.03: "Fight or Flight"TVNovember 9, 2015Thor Freudenthal
233SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #3: "Chapter 3"ComicFebruary 22, 2016Sterling Gates
221FlashBuyThe Flash 2.03: "Family of Rogues"TVOctober 20, 2015John F. Showalter
222ArrowBuyArrow 4.03: "Restoration"TVOctober 21, 2015Wendey Stanzler
226ArrowBuyArrow 4.04: "Beyond Redemption"TVOctober 28, 2015Lexi Alexander
236SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.04: "How Does She Do It?"TVNovember 23, 2015Jesse Warn
237SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #4: "Chapter 4"ComicMarch 7, 2016Sterling Gates
240SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.05: "Livewire"TVNovember 16, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
241SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #5: "Chapter 5"ComicMarch 21, 2016Sterling Gates
225FlashBuyThe Flash 2.04: "The Fury of Firestorm"TVOctober 27, 2015Stefan Pleszczynski
230FlashBuyThe Flash 2.05: "The Darkness and the Light"TVNovember 3, 2015Steve Shill
231ArrowBuyArrow 4.05: "Haunted"TVNovember 4, 2015John Badham
235ArrowBuyArrow 4.06: "Lost Souls"TVNovember 11, 2015Antonio Negret
242SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.06: "Red Faced"TVNovember 30, 2015Larry Teng
234FlashBuyThe Flash 2.06: "Enter Zoom"TVNovember 10, 2015JJ Makaro
239ArrowBuyArrow 4.07: "Brotherhood"TVNovember 18, 2015James Bamford
245SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.07: "Human for a Day"TVDecember 7, 2015Karen Gaviola
246SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #6: "Chapter 6"ComicApril 4, 2016Sterling Gates
251SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.08: "Hostile Takeover"TVDecember 14, 2015Steve Shill
238FlashBuyThe Flash 2.07: "Gorilla Warfare"TVNovember 17, 2015Dermott Downs
243FlashBuyThe Flash 2.08: "Legends of Today"TVDecember 1, 2015Ralph HemeckerStart of 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
248FlashBuyArrow - A Generation of VipersNovelMarch 28, 2017Clay and Susan GriffithThese are crossover novels but they are not considered as canon yet as stated by the authorr.
244ArrowBuyArrow 4.08: "Legends of Yesterday"TVDecember 2, 2015Thor FreudenthalEnd of 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
250ArrowBuyArrow 4.09: "Dark Waters"TVDecember 9, 2015John Behring
257ArrowBuyArrow 4.10: "Blood Debts"TVJanuary 20, 2016Jesse Warn
252SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #7: "Chapter 7"ComicApril 18, 2016Sterling Gates
253SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.09: "Blood Bonds"TVJanuary 4, 2016Jamie Babbit
254SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.10: "Childish Things"TVJanuary 18, 2016Glen Winter
255SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #8: "Chapter 8"ComicMay 2, 2016Sterling Gates
247FlashBuyFlash: The Haunting of Barry AllenNovelNovember 29, 2016Clay and Susan GriffithThese are crossover novels but they are not considered as canon yet as stated by the author.
249FlashBuyThe Flash 2.09: "Running to Stand Still"TVDecember 8, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
256FlashBuyThe Flash 2.10: "Potential Energy"TVJanuary 19, 2016Rob Hardy
258Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.01: "Pilot, part 1"TVJanuary 21, 2016Glen Winter
262Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.02: "Pilot, part 2"TVJanuary 28, 2016Glen Winter
267Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.03: "Blood Ties"TVFebruary 4, 2016Dermott Downs
259SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.11: "Strange Visitor from Another Planet"TVJanuary 25, 2016John Showalter
260FlashBuyThe Flash 2.11: "The Reverse-Flash Returns"TVJanuary 26, 2016Michael A. Allowitz
261ArrowBuyArrow 4.11: "A.W.O.L."TVJanuary 27, 2016Charlotte Brandström
265FlashBuyThe Flash 2.12: "Fast Lane"TVFebruary 2, 2016Rachel Talalay
266ArrowBuyArrow 4.12: "Unchained"TVFebruary 3, 2016Kevin Fair
271ArrowBuyArrow 4.13: "Sins of the Father"TVFebruary 10, 2016Gordon Verheul
263SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.12: "BizarroTVFebruary 1, 2016Dermott Downs
264SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #9: "Chapter 9"ComicMay 16, 2016Sterling Gates
269SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.13: "For the Girl Who Has Everything"TVFebruary 8, 2016Lexi Alexander
270FlashBuyThe Flash 2.13: "Welcome to Earth-2"TVFebruary 9, 2016Millicent Shelton
272FlashBuyThe Flash 2.14: "Escape from Earth-2"TVFebruary 16, 2016JJ Makaro
268Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.04: "White Knights"TVFebruary 7, 2016Antonio Negret
274Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.05: "Fail-Safe"TVFebruary 18, 2016Dermott Downs
273ArrowBuyArrow 4.14: "Code of Silence"TVFebruary 17, 2016James Bamford
275SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.14: "Truth, Justice and the American Way"TVFebruary 22, 2016Dermott Downs
276SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #10: "Chapter 10"ComicMay 30, 2016Sterling Gates
277FlashBuyThe Flash 2.15: "King Shark"TVFebruary 23, 2016Hanelle Culpepper
278ArrowBuyArrow 4.15: "Taken"TVFebruary 24, 2016Gregory Smith
279Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.06: "Star City 2046"TVFebruary 25, 2016Steve Shill
281Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.07: "Marooned"TVMarch 3, 2016Gregory Smith
282Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.08: "Night of the Hawk"TVMarch 10, 2016Joe Dante
280SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.15: "SolitudeTVFebruary 29, 2016Larry Teng
286FlashBuyThe Flash 2.16: "Trajectory"TVMarch 22, 2016Glen Winter
287ArrowBuyArrow 4.16: "Broken Hearts"TVMarch 23, 2016John Showalter
283SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.16: "Falling"TVMarch 14, 2016Chris Fisher
284SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #11: "Chapter 11"ComicJune 13, 2016Sterling Gates
290FlashBuyThe Flash 2.17: "Flash Back"TVMarch 29, 2016Alice Troughton
291ArrowBuyArrow 4.17: "Beacon of Hope"TVMarch 30, 2016Michael Schultz
292Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.09: "Left Behind"TVMarch 31, 2016John F. Showalter
293ArrowBuyArrow 4.18: "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"TVApril 6, 2016Rob Hardy
294Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.10: "Progeny"TVApril 7, 2016David Geddes
296Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.11: "The Magnificent Eight"TVApril 12, 2016Thor Freudenthal
285SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.17: "ManhunterTVMarch 21, 2016Nick Gomez
299FlashBuyThe Flash 2.18: "Versus Zoom"TVApril 19, 2016Stefan Pleszczynski
300FlashChronicles of Cisco: Part 1WebApril 19, 2016Andrew KreisbergYou can find this on You Tube.
288SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.18: "World's Finest"TVMarch 28, 2016Adam KaneSupergirl takes place on Earth-38 but the Flash can travel the multiverse and joins Supergirl in this episode.
289SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #12: "Chapter 12"ComicJune 27, 2016Sterling Gates
302FlashBuyThe Flash 2.19: "Back to Normal"TVApril 26, 2016John F. Showalter
303FlashChronicles of Cisco: Part 2WebApril 26, 2016Andrew KreisbergYou can find this on You Tube.
295SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.19: "Myriad"TVApril 11, 2016Larry Teng
297SupergirlBuySupergirl 1.20: "Better Angels"TVApril 18, 2016Greg Berlanti
298SupergirlBuyThe Adventures of Supergirl #13: "Chapter 13"ComicJuly 10, 2016Sterling Gates
306FlashBuyThe Flash 2.20: "RuptureTVMay 3, 2016Armen V. Kevorkian
307FlashChronicles of Cisco: Part 3WebMay 3, 2016Andrew KreisbergYou can find this on You Tube.
301Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.12: "Last Refuge"TVApril 21, 2016Rachel Talalay
310FlashBuyThe Flash 2.21: "The Runaway Dinosaur"TVMay 10, 2016Kevin Smith
311FlashChronicles of Cisco: Part 4WebMay 10, 2016Andrew KreisbergYou can find this on You Tube.
304ArrowBuyArrow 4.19: "Canary Cry"TVApril 27, 2016Laura Belsey
305Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.13: "Leviathan"TVApril 28, 2016Gregory Smith
308ArrowBuyArrow 4.20: "Genesis"TVMay 4, 2016Gregory Smith
309Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.14: "River of Time"TVMay 5, 2016Alice Troughton
312ArrowBuyArrow 4.21: "Monument Point"TVMay 11, 2016Kevin Tancharoen
313Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.15: "Destiny"TVMay 12, 2016Olatunde Osunsanmi
313FlashBuyThe Flash 2.22: "Invincible"TVMay 17, 2016Jesse Warn
315ArrowBuyArrow 4.22: "Lost in the Flood"TVMay 18, 2016Glen Winter
316Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 1.16: "Legendary"TVMay 19, 2016Dermott Downs
317FlashBuyThe Flash 2.23: "The Race of His Life"TVMay 24, 2016Antonio Negret
318ArrowBuyArrow 4.23: "Schism"TVMay 25, 2016John Behring
319FlashBuyThe Flash 3.01: "Flashpoint"TVOctober 4, 2016Jesse WarnStart of the Flashpoint timeline.
320ArrowBuyArrow 5.01: "Legacy"TVOctober 5, 2016James Bamford
321SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.01: "The Adventures of Supergirl"TVOctober 10, 2016Glen Winter
322FlashBuyThe Flash 3.02: "Paradox"TVOctober 11, 2016Ralph Hemecker
323ArrowBuyArrow 5.02: "The Recruits"TVOctober 12, 2016James Bamford
324Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.01: "Out of Time"TVOctober 13, 2016Dermott Downs
325SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.02: "The Last Children of Krypton"TVOctober 17, 2016Glen Winter
326FlashBuyThe Flash 3.03: "Megenta"TVOctober 18, 2016Armen V. Kevorkian
327ArrowBuyArrow 5.03: "A Matter of Trust"TVOctober 19, 2016Gregory Smith
328Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.02: "The Justice Society of America"TVOctober 20, 2016Michael Grossman
329SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.03: "Welcome to Earth"TVOctober 24, 2016Rachel Talalay
330FlashBuyThe Flash 3.04: "The New RoguesTVOctober 25, 2016Stefan Pleszczynski
331ArrowBuyArrow 5.04: "Penance"TVOctober 26, 2016Dermott Downs
332Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.03: "Shogun"TVOctober 27, 2016Kevin Tancharoen
333SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.04: "Survivors"TVOctober 31, 2016James Marshall
334FlashBuyThe Flash 3.05: "Monster"TVNovember 1, 2016C. Kim Miles
335ArrowBuyArrow 5.05: "Human Target"TVNovember 2, 2016Laura Belsey
336Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.04: "Abominations"TVNovember 3, 2016Michael Allowitz
337SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.05: "Crossfire"TVNovember 7, 2016Glen Winter
338ArrowBuyArrow 5.06: "So it Begins"TVNovember 9, 2016John Behring
339Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.05: "Compromised"TVNovember 10, 2016David Geddes
340SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.06: "Changing"TVNovember 14, 2016Larry Teng
341FlashBuyThe Flash 3.06: "Shade"TVNovember 15, 2016JJ Makaro
342ArrowBuyArrow 5.07: "Vigilante"TVNovember 16, 2016Gordon Verheul
343Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.06: "Outlaw Country"TVNovember 17, 2016Cherie Nowlan
344SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.07: "The Darkest Place"TVNovember 21, 2016Glen Winter
345FlashBuyThe Flash 3.07: "Killer Frost"TVNovember 22, 2016Kevin Smith
346SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.08: "MedusaTVNovember 28, 2016Stefan PleszczynskiStart of the season's 4-part crossover
347FlashBuyThe Flash 3.08: "Invasion!"TVNovember 29, 2016Dermott Downs4-part crossover continues
348ArrowBuyArrow 5.08: "Invasion!"TVNovember 30, 2016James Bamford4-part crossover continues
349Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.07: "Invasion!"TVDecember 1, 2016Gregory SmithEnd of the season's 4-part crossover
350FlashBuyThe Flash 3.09: "The Present"TVDecember 6, 2016Rachel Talalay
351ArrowBuyArrow 5.09: "What We Leave Behind"TVDecember 7, 2016Antonio Negret
352Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.08: "The Chicago Way"TVDecember 8, 2016Ralph Hemecker
353SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.09: "Supergirl Lives"TVJanuary 23, 2017Kevin Smith
354FlashBuyThe Flash 3.10: "Borrowing Problems from the Future"TVJanuary 24, 2017Millicent Shelton
355Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.09: "Raiders of the Lost Art"TVJanuary 24, 2017Dermott Downs
356ArrowBuyArrow 5.10: "Who Are You?"TVJanuary 25, 2017Gregory Smith
357SupergirlBuySupergirl 2.10: "We Can Be Heroes"TVJanuary 30, 2017Rebecca Johnson
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359Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.10: "The Legion of Doom"TVJanuary 31, 2017Eric Laneuville
360ArrowBuyArrow 5.11: "Second Chances"TVFebruary 1, 2017Mark Bunting
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363Legends of TomorrowBuyLoT 2.11: "Turncoat"TVFebruary 7, 2017Alice Troughton
364ArrowBuyArrow 5.11: "Bratva"TVFebruary 8, 2017Ben Bray
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