The Expanse Season 2 Premiere Review

expanse season 2 premiere review

Caution: A few The Expanse spoilers ahead

the expanse season 2 premiere review
THE EXPANSE — “Safe” Episode 201 — Pictured: Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper — (Photo by: Rafy/Syfy)

Last night the Syfy channel premiered The Expanse season 2 with back-to-back episodes. The action picked up directly where season 1 left off where war is on the verge of starting between Earth, Mars, and The Belt. As the episodes played you started to get a few answers about what happened on the on Eros and Phoebe station. Here are a few bullet points I thought I would share:

  • The Martian military characters were really interesting and I wanted to see more of them. I especially liked Frankie Adams as Martian Marine Bobbie Draper. It was spot on what I thought a Martian Marine would be like. She is bold, daring and not taking anything from anyone. The best line of the night spoken by Draper was, “I don’t use sex as a weapons, little ones; I use weapons as weapons.”
  • You can really see the character development really beginning to come together with 5 crew members of the Rocinante. The one scene where our crew is talking about stolen cheese on Ceres was the moment when you could really see the crew bonding together. This would good to see early in this season.
  • Why did Miller have to shoot the only man in our Solar system who could unlock the encrypted data? I was shocked by this. I think writers of the show wanted extend mystery of the protomolecule. They wanted the the mysterious blue virus to be peeled like an onion one layer at a time. At the end of the show you began to wonder if the alien blue goo is going to be our savior or our demise.
  • This is really good adult science fiction! It kind of reminds you of Battle Star Galactic reboot a few years back but even grittier.

I will admit I went into series cold. I have not read the books yet but I have bought the first short story Drive. I am going to get to it next week. If you have not seen Season 1 of The Expanse yet I would highly suggest you head over to Amazon Video to check them out. If you would to know more about The Expanse timeline head over to the to this page to see how the TV series goes along with the novels by James A. Corey.

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