The Expanse Drive Review

the expanse drive

I got introduced to the The Expanse cast not through the books but through the TV series. Season 2 was just a few nights away when I binged on season 1. I was so hooked after that. It is a really good show. I highly suggest checking it out if you like space science fiction. If you are like me I had not started reading the The Expanse books yet. So a few nights ago I started reading Drive. It is the first book in The Expanse timeline.

Drive Review

Drive is a short story written by James S. A. Corey. It is a prequal and takes place about 150 years before the main series. It chronicles the creation of the Solomon Epstein’s work on what is later called the Epstein Drive. Solomon Epstein is an engineer who spends his and his wife’s saving on a space yacht to do unencumbered research on fuel efficiency.

I don’t want to give too much away. I liked this short story because you get a feel for what it is like to be watching the stress build between Earth and Mars.

While this book is short, it good introduction to The Expanse universe. You can get this short story in the Edge of Infinity anthology or read it at for free.