Star Wars Rouge One Review

rouge one

Rouge One A Star Wars Story

I know Rogue One has been out for a little while but I just now have had time to get my thoughts in order. I have scene Rouge One twice. The first time, which was opening night, I had to leave 20 minutes before the end of the movie due to a family emergency.  Bummer but everything is ok now. The second time thankfully I got to stay through to the end of the movie. Ok let’s jump into the review…

  • The first half of the movie is a little choppy cause your being dragged from world to world. I understand that they had to do this to get all the story chess pieces in order but  everything falls into place in the second half of the movie.
  • I loved K2-SO! Who ever thought that a robot could be so sassy! It was really nice to have a little bit of humor in such a dark film.
  • This movie played huge fan service to the audience. I have been seeing Rouge One Easter egg videos pop up all over You Tube. More Easter eggs I am sure will be found once the blu-ray disc is released.
  • As I watched the first scenes with Darth Vader, I thought that his costume looked a little bit cheap. Come to find out this was done intentionally for his costume to exactly match that in A New Hope.
  • Being able to turn back to the clock, bringing back a character or make one look younger was especially believable. Hats off the team that pulled this off pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Overall I liked the film. It is definitely a must see. I don’t think is the best Star Wars but I would put it definitely better than the prequels.  I would rank the films with way:  Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, A New Hope, The Force Awakens, Revenge of the Sith, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones. Until next time….

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