Lost Fleet Reading Order and Timeline

lost fleet timeline

What is the timeline of the the Lost Fleet?

The Lost Fleet timeline contains all of the books written by Jack Campbell, set in this particular universe. Campbell wrote all of the main series: The Genesis FleetThe Lost Fleet, Beyond the Frontier and The Lost Stars, which all co-exist in the same universe. There was also a comic book series also written by Campbell that takes place at various points in the timeline. If you have anything that should be added to deleted from this timeline please let us know on our Contact page.

#Time/Series:Get: Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1Genesis FleetReadVanguard: The Genesis FleetNovelMay 16, 2017Jack CampbellPrequal to the Lost Fleet Series
2PrequalReadGrendelShort StoryMay 22, 2009Jack Campbellin So It Begins anthology; Takes place before the 100 year war
3PrequalReadFlecheShort StoryJanuary 31, 2013Jack CampbellIn Best Laid Plans anthology; Takes place before the 100 year war
4Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: DauntlessNovelJune 27, 2006Jack Campbell
5Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: FearlessNovelJanuary 30, 2007Jack Campbell
6Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: CourageousNovelDecember 18, 2007Jack Campbell
7Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: ValiantNovelJune 24, 2008Jack Campbell
8Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: RelentlessNovelApril 28, 2009Jack Campbell
9Lost FleetReadThe Lost Fleet: VictoriousNovelApril 27, 2010Jack Campbell
10CorsairReadThe Lost Fleet: Corsair #1ComicJune 7, 2017Jack Campbell
11CorsairReadThe Lost Fleet: Corsair #2ComicJuly 5, 2017Jack Campbell
12Beyond the FrontierReadBeyond the Frontier: DreadnaughtNovelApril 26, 2011Jack Campbell
13Beyond the FrontierReadBeyond the Frontier: InvincibleNovelMay 1, 2012Jack Campbell
14The Lost StarsReadThe Lost Stars: Tarnished KnightNovelOctober 2, 2012Jack Campbell
15Beyond the FrontierReadBeyond the Frontier: GuardianNovelMay 7, 2013Jack Campbell
16The Lost StarsReadThe Lost Stars: Perilous ShieldNovelOctober 1, 2013Jack Campbell
17Beyond the FrontierReadBeyond the Frontier: SteadfastNovelMay 6, 2014Jack Campbell
18The Lost StarsReadThe Lost Fleet: Imperfect SwordNovelOctober 7, 2014Jack Campbell
19Beyond the FrontierReadBeyond the Frontier: LeviathanNovelMay 5, 2015Jack Campbell
20The Lost StarsReadThe Lost Stars: Shattered SpearNovelMay 3, 2016Jack Campbell