Honorverse Timeline and Reading Order

honorverse timeline

Honor Harrington

The unofficial Honorverse timeline is a series of books and shorties mostly about Honor Harrington. Honor is an officer in the Queen’s Space Navy. David Weber, the author of more of the Honorverse novels, takes Honor on her journey through her Star Kingdom of Manticore military and political career. The timeline starts before Honor was born, so there are stories in the series that do not involve Honor or she plays a minor role. In order to go through the series chronology, you have to jump from the different short story books because those stories are not in chronological order.
Please note if you get the earlier produced audio books Manticoren is mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is “Man-ti-CORE-an” not “Man-TIK-eran,”.


#:Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Author:Release Date:Notes:
1250 P.D. (2352 A.D.)ReadBy the BookShort StoryCharles E. Gannon2013in Beginnings
21518 P.D.ReadA Beautiful FriendshipShort StoryDavid Weber1998in More than Honor
31518 P.D.ReadA Beautiful FriendshipNovelDavid Weber2011young adult novel
41520 P.D.ReadThe StrayShort StoryLinda Evans1999in Worlds of Honor
51522 P.D.ReadFire SeasonNovelDavid Weber & Jane Lindskold2012young adult novel
61522 P.D.ReadTreecat Wars NovelDavid Weber & Jane Lindskold2013young adult novel
71529 P.D.ReadA Call to Duty (novel)NovelDavid Weber & Timothy Zahn2014
81539 P.D.ReadA Call to Arms (novel)NovelDavid Weber & Timothy Zahn with Thomas Pope2015
91543 P.D.ReadA Call to ArmsShort StoryTimothy Zahn2013in Beginnings
101652 P.D.ReadWhat Price Dreams?Short StoryDavid Weber1999in Worlds of Honor
111844 P.D. (December)ReadI Will Build a House of SteelShort StoryDavid Weber2013in House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion 
121842 P.D.ReadBeauty and the BeastShort StoryDavid Weber2013in Beginnings
131872 P.D.ReadThe Best Laid PlansShort StoryDavid Weber2013in Beginnings
141880 P.D.ReadMs. Midshipwoman HarringtonShort StoryDavid Weber2001in Changer of Worlds
151883 P.D.ReadQueen's GambitShort StoryJane Lindskold1999in Worlds of Honor
161890 P.D.ReadThe Hard Way HomeShort StoryDavid Weber1999in Worlds of Honor
171892 P.D.ReadPromised LandShort StoryJane Lindskold2003in The Service of the Sword
181895 P.D.ReadRuthlessShort StoryJane Lindskold2011in In Fire Forged
191899 P.D.ReadLet's DanceShort StoryDavid Weber2011in In Fire Forged
20?ReadTales of Honor #1:On Basilisk StationComicMatt Hawkins2014This comic starts out briefly at the start of "In Enemy Hands" then goes back to the events before Basilisk Station
21?ReadTales of Honor #2:On Basilisk StationComicMatt Hawkins2014
22?ReadTales of Honor #3:On Basilisk StationComicMatt Hawkins2014
23?ReadTales of Honor #4:On Basilisk StationComicMatt Hawkins2014
24?ReadTales of Honor #5:On Basilisk StationComicMatt Hawkins2014
25?ReadTales of Honor Vol. 1: On Basilisk Station (1-5)ComicMatt Hawkins2014
261900 P.D. (March 3)ReadOn Basilisk StationNovelDavid Weber1992
27?ReadTales of Honor: Bred To Kill #1ComicMatt Hawkins2015
28?ReadTales of Honor: Bred To Kill #2ComicMatt Hawkins2015
29?ReadTales of Honor: Bred To Kill #3ComicMatt Hawkins2015
30?ReadTales of Honor: Bred To Kill #4ComicMatt Hawkins2015
31?ReadTales of Honor: Vol. 2 (Bred to Kill 1-4)ComicMatt Hawkins2015
321903 P.D. (April)ReadThe Honor of the QueenNovelDavid Weber1993
331904 P.D.ReadThe Short Victorious WarNovelDavid Weber1994
341905 P.D. (June)ReadField of DishonorNovelDavid Weber1994
35 ?ReadA Grand TourShort StoryDavid Drake1998in More than Honor
361906 P.D. (c. September)ReadDeck Load StrikeShort StoryRoland J. Green1999in Worlds of Honor
371907 P.D.ReadFlag in ExileNovelDavid Weber1995
38 ?ReadA Ship Named FrancisShort StoryJohn Ringo & Victor Mitchell2003in The Service of the Sword
391908 P.D. (September)ReadHonor Among EnemiesNovelDavid Weber1996
401910 P.DReadChanger of WorldsShort StoryDavid Weber2001in Changer of Worlds
411911 P.D. (July)ReadA Whiff of GrapeshotShort StoryS. M. Stirling1998in More than Honor
421911 P.D.ReadIn Enemy HandsNovelDavid Weber1997
431912 P.D. (February)ReadEchoes of HonorNovelDavid Weber1998
441913 P.D.ReadLet's Go to PragueShort StoryJohn Ringo2003in The Service of the Sword; between ch. 2 & 3 of Ashes of Victory
451913 P.D. (December)ReadAshes of VictoryNovelDavid Weber2000
461914 P.D.ReadAn Act of WarShort StoryTimothy Zahn2011in In Fire Forged
471914 P.D.ReadFrom the HighlandsShort StoryEric Flint2001in Changer of Worlds
481914 P.D. (December)ReadNightfallShort StoryDavid Weber2001in Changer of Worlds, expanded ch. 33 of Ashes of Victory
491915 P.D. (May)ReadFanaticShort StoryEric Flint2003in The Service of the Sword
501918 P.D. (June)ReadThe Service of the SwordShort StoryDavid Weber2003in The Service of the Sword
511918 P.D.ReadWar of HonorNovelDavid Weber2002
521918 P.D.ReadCrown of SlavesNovelDavid Weber & Eric Flint2003
531920 P.D. (June)ReadThe Shadow of SaganamiNovelDavid Weber2004
541920 P.D. (July)ReadAt All CostsNovelDavid Weber2005
551921 P.D. (March)ReadStorm from the ShadowsNovelDavid Weber2009
561919 P.D. (November)ReadTorch of FreedomNovelDavid Weber & Eric Flint2009
571921 P.D. (February)ReadShadow of VictoryNovelDavid Weber2016
581921 P.D. (December)ReadMission of HonorNovelDavid Weber2010
591921 P.D. (December)ReadObligated ServiceShort StoryJoelle Presby2013in Beginnings
601922 P.D. (March)ReadA Rising ThunderNovelDavid Weber2012
611922 P.D. (February)ReadShadow of FreedomNovelDavid Weber2013
621922 P.D. (May)ReadCauldron of GhostsNovelDavid Weber & Eric Flint2014

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