The Expanse Timeline

the expanse timeline
Where do I start on the Expanse Timeline?

The Expanse timeline tells the story where humans have colonized our Solar System. The 3 factions of Earh, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt are all on the brink of war vying or control of our solar system. The stories are all written by James S. A. Corey. This is actually a pen name for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Syfy has the television rights to the stories. You can stream season one now with your Amazon Prime account. If you have some feedback you lke to sharelet me know on our Contact page.


#:Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Released Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1The ExpanseReadDriveShort StoryNovember 27, 2012James S. A. CoreyPublished in Edge of Infinity. Also available at
2The ExpanseReadThe ChurnNovellaApril 29, 2014James S. A. Corey
3The ExpanseReadThe Butcher of Anderson StationShort StoryOctober 17, 2011James S. A. Corey
4The ExpanseReadLeviathan WakesNovelJune 15, 2011James S. A. Corey
5The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.01: "Dulcinea"TVDecember 14, 2015Mark Fergus, Hawk OstbySeason 1 of The Expanse is an adaptation of the Leviathan Wakes novel.
6The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.02: "The Big Empty"TVDecember 15, 2015Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby
7The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.03: "Remember the Cant"TVDecember 22, 2015Jeff Woolnough
8The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.04: "CQB"TVDecember 29, 2015Jeff Woolnough
9The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.05: "Back to the Butcher"TVJanuary 5, 2016Rob Lieberman
10The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.06: "Rock Bottom"TVJanuary 12, 2016Rob Lieberman
11The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.07: "Windmills"TVJanuary 19, 2016Bill Johnson
12The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.08: "Salvage"TVJanuary 26, 2016Bill Johnson
13The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.09: "Critical Mass"TVFebruary 2, 2016Terry McDonoug
14The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 1.10: "Leviathan Wakes"TVFebruary 2, 2016Terry McDonoug
15The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.01: "Safe"TVFebruary 1, 2017Breck Eisner
16The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.02: "Doors & Corners"TVFebruary 1, 2017Breck Eisner
17The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.03: "Static"TVFebruary 8, 2017Jeff Woolnough
18The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.04: "Godspeed"TVFebruary 15, 2017Jeff Woolnough
19The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.05: "Home"TVFebruary 22, 2017David Grossman
20The ExpanseReadCaliban's WarNovelJune 26, 2012James S. A. Corey
21The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.06: "Paradigm Shift"TVMarch 1, 2017David Grossman
22The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.07: "The Seventh Man"TVMarch 8, 2017Kenneth Fink
23The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.08: "Pyre"TVMarch 15, 2017Kenneth Fink
24The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.09: "The Weeping Somnambulist"TVMarch 22, 2017Mikael Salomon
25The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.10: "Cascade"TVMarch 29, 2017Mikael Salomon
26The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.11: "Here There Be Dragons"TVApril 5, 2017Rob Lieberman
27The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.12: "The Monster and the Rocket"TVApril 12, 2017Rob Lieberman
28The ExpanseWatchThe Expanse 2.13: "Caliban's War"TVApril 19, 2017Thor Freudenthal
29The ExpanseReadGods of RiskNovellaSeptember 15, 2012James S. A. Corey
30The ExpanseReadAbaddon's GateNovelJune 4, 2013James S. A. Corey
31The ExpanseReadCibola BurnNovelJune 17, 2014James S. A. Corey
32The ExpanseReadNemesis GamesNovelJune 2, 2015James S. A. Corey
33The ExpanseReadThe Vital AbyssNovellaOctober 15, 2015James S. A. Corey
34The ExpanseReadBabylon's AshesNovelDecember 6, 2016James S. A. Corey