Taken Timeline

taken timeline
When does Taken take place?

The Taken timeline is a bit of a mess. The movie trilogy timeline takes place in the present day. The TV series is an “origin story” set where Bryan Mills developed his special set of skills. The problem is the the TV series also takes place in present day. Furthermore, you would think that if they was doing a young Bryan Mills the series, it would take place in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. If you see something that needs to fixed or added to the Taken timeline please drop us a note on our Contact page.

#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1PrequalWatchTaken 1.01: "Pilot"TVFebruary 27, 2017Alex Graves
2PrequalWatchTaken 1.02: "Ready"TVMarch 6, 2017Michael Offer
3PrequalWatchTaken 1.03: "Off Side"TVMarch 13, 2017Tim Matheson
4PrequalWatchTaken 1.04: "Mattie G"TVMarch 20, 2017Romeo Tirone
5PrequalWatchTaken 1.05: "A Clockwork Swiss"TVMarch 27, 2017Clark Johnson
6PrequalWatchTaken 1.06: "Hail Mary"TVApril 3, 2017Lexi Alexander
7PrequalWatchTaken 1.07: "Solo"TVApril 10, 2017Elodie Keene
8PrequalWatchTaken 1.08: "Leah"TVApril 17, 2017Bill Johnson
9PrequalWatchTaken 1.09:"Gone"TVApril 24, 2017Romeo Tirone
10PrequalWatchTaken 1.10:"I Surrender"TVMay 1, 2017Holly Dale
11Orginal TrilogyWatchTakenMovieJanuary 30, 2009Pierre Morel
12Orginal TrilogyWatchTaken 2MovieOctober 5, 2012Olivier Megaton
13Orginal TrilogyWatchTaken 3MovieJanuary 9, 2015Olivier Megaton