Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline
marvel cinematic universe timeline

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline or MCU spans several different media types even though they occur in the same universe. The main foundation of the MCU its movies. There are also TV Shows such as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Jessica Jones that have their plots change according the MCU movies. The tie in comics inform you about events that occur just before the movies. There are also a few one off one-shot movies that are still canon to the series. Everything is in chronological has they would occur.

#Series:Get:Name:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1PreludesReadCaptain America #1: First VengeanceComicFebruary 16, 2011Fred Van Lente
2PreludesReadCaptain America #2: First VengeanceComicFebruary 16, 2011Fred Van Lente
3PreludesReadCaptain America #3: First VengeanceComicMarch 2, 2011Fred Van Lente
4PreludesReadCaptain America #4: First VengeanceComicMarch 23, 2011Fred Van Lente
5PreludesReadCaptain America #5: First VengeanceComicJune 8, 2011Fred Van Lente
6PreludesReadCaptain America #6: First VengeanceComicJuly 6, 2011Fred Van Lente
7PreludesReadCaptain America #7: First VengeanceComicJuly 13, 2011Fred Van Lente
8PreludesReadCaptain America #8: First VengeanceComicJuly 20, 2011Fred Van Lente
9Phase 1ReadCaptain America: The First AvengerMovieJuly 22, 2011Joe Johnson
10PreludesReadCaptain America: The First AvengerComicNovember 06, 2013Peter DavidAdaptation of the The First Avenger movie.
11ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.01: "Now is Not the End"TVJanuary 6, 2015Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas
12ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.02: "Bridge and Tunnel"TVJanuary 6, 2015Joseph V. Russo
13ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.03: "Time and Tide"TVJanuary 13, 2015Scott Winant
14ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.04: "The Blitzkrieg Button"TVJanuary 27, 2015Stephen Cragg
15ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.05: "The Iron Ceiling"TVFebruary 3, 2015Peter Leto
16ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.06: "A Sin to Err"TVFebruary 10, 2015Stephen Williams
17ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.07: "Snafu"TVFebruary 17, 2015Vincent Misiano
18ABCWatchAgent Carter 1.08: "Valediction"TVFebruary 24, 2015Christopher Misiano
19ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.01: "The Lady in the Lake"TVJanuary 19, 2016Lawrence Trilling
20ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.02: "A View in the Dark"TVJanuary 19, 2016Lawrence Trilling
21ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.03: "Better Angels"TVJanuary 26, 2016David Platt
22ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.04: "Smoke & Mirrors"TVFebruary 2, 2016David Platt
23ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.05: "The Atomic Job"TVFebruary 9, 2016Craig Zisk
24ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.06: "Life of the Party"TVFebruary 16, 2016Craig Zisk
25ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.07: "Monsters"TVFebruary 16, 2016Metin Hüseyin
26ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.08: "The Edge of Mystery"TVFebruary 23, 2016Metin Hüseyin
27ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.09: "A Little Song and Dance"TVFebruary 23, 2016Jennifer Getzinger
28ABCWatchAgent Carter 2.10: "Hollywood Ending"TVMarch 1, 2016Jennifer Getzinger
29One-ShotWatchAgent CarterShort MovieSeptember 3, 2013Louis D’EspositoIn the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray/DVD disk
30PreludesReadMarvel's Ant-Man Prelude #1ComicFebruary 4, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
31PreludesReadMarvel's Ant-Man Prelude #2ComicMarch 4, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
32Phase 1SteramIron ManMovieMay 2, 2008Jon Favreau
33PreludesReadIron Man: I Am Iron Man #1ComicJanuary 27, 2010Peter DavidPart 1 of the adaptation of the Iron Manmovie.
34PreludesReadIron Man: I Am Iron Man #2ComicFebruary 24, 2010Peter DavidPart 2 of the adaptation of the Iron Man movie.
35PreludesReadIron Man 2: Public Identity #1ComicJune 2, 2010Joe Casey
36PreludesReadIron Man 2: Public Identity #2ComicJune 30, 2010Joe Casey
37PreludesReadIron Man 2: Public Identity #3ComicMay 12, 2010Joe Casey
38PreludesReadIron Man 2: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ComicSeptember 1, 2010Joe Casey
39OtherStark Expo VideosWebMay 7, 2010Marvel StudiosYou can find some of these videos on this Facebook < a href="" target="_blank">page.
40Phase 1WatchIron Man 2MovieMay 7, 2010Jon Favreau
41PreludesReadIron Man 2 #1ComicNovember 7, 2012Christos N. GagePart 1 of the adaptation of the Iron Man 2movie.
42PreludesReadIron Man 2 #2ComicDecember 5, 2012Christos N. GagePart 2 of the adaptation of the Iron Man 2 movie.
43One-ShotWatchA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s HammerShort MovieOctober 25, 2011LeythumIncluded in the Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-Ray/DVD disk
44Phase 1WatchThorMovieMay 2, 2011Kenneth Branagh
45PreludesReadThor #1ComicJanuary 16, 2013Christos N. GageAdaptation of the Thor movie.
46PreludesReadThor #2ComicFebruary 20, 2013Christos N. GageAdaptation of the Thor movie.
47Phase 1WatchThe Incredible HulkMovieJune 13, 2008Louis Leterrier
48One-ShotWatchThe ConsultantShort MovieSeptember 13, 2011LeythumIncluded in the Thor Blu-ray/DVD disk
49PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #1ComicMarch 7, 2012Chris Yost
50PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #2ComicApril 7, 2012Chris Yost
51PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #3ComicMay 4, 2012Chris Yost
52PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #4ComicJune 7, 2012Chris Yost
53PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #5ComicFebruary 29, 2012Chris Yost
54PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #6ComicFebruary 29, 2012Chris Yost
55PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #7ComicFebruary 29, 2012Chris Yost
56PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week #8ComicFebruary 29, 2012Chris Yost
57PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Black Widow Strikes #1ComicMay 2, 2012Fred Van Lente
58PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Black Widow Strikes #2ComicMay 16, 2012Fred Van Lente
59PreludesReadAvengers Prelude: Black Widow Strikes #3ComicJune 6, 2012Fred Van Lente
60Phase 1WatchThe AvengersMovieMay 4, 2012Joss Whedon
61One-ShotWatchItem 47Short MovieSeptember 25, 2012Louis D’EspositoIncluded in the Avengers Blu-ray/DVD disk
62PreludesReadIron Man 3 Prelude #1ComicJanuary 2, 2013Christos Gage
63PreludesReadIron Man 3 Prelude #2ComicFebruary 6, 2013Christos Gage
64Phase 2WatchIron Man 3MovieMay 3, 2013Shane Black
65One-ShotWatchAll Hail the KingShort MovieFebruary 4, 2014Drew PearceIncluded in the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray/DVD disk
66ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.01: "Pilot"TVSeptember 24, 2013Joss Whedon
67ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.02: "0-Eight-Four"TVOctober 1, 2013David Straiton
68ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.03: "The Asset"TVOctober 8, 2013Milan Cheylov
69ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.04: "Eye-Spy"TVOctober 15, 2013Roxann Dawson
70ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.05: "Girl in the Flower Dress"TVOctober 22, 2013Jesse Bochco
71ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.06: "FZZT"TVNovember 5, 2013Vincent Misiano
72ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.07: "The Hub"TVNovember 12, 2013Bobby Roth
73PreludesReadThor: The Dark World Prelude #1ComicJune 5, 2013Chris Yost
74PreludesReadThor: The Dark World Prelude #2ComicJuly 10, 2013Chris Yost
75Phase 2WatchThor: The Dark WorldMovieNovember 8, 2013Alan Taylor
76ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.08: "The Well"TVNovember 19, 2013Jonathan Frakes
77ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.09: "Repairs"TVNovember 26, 2013Billy Gierhart
78ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.10: "The Bridge"TVDecember 10, 2013Holly Dale
79ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.11: "The Magical Place"TVJanuary 7, 2014Kevin Hooks
80ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.12: "Seeds"TVJanuary 14, 2014Kenneth Fink
81PreludesAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The ChaseComicJuly 1, 2014George KitsonA San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive but you can find it on Marvel's site.
82PreludesReadThe Winter Soldier: InfiniteComicJanuary 28, 2014Peter David
83ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.13: "T.R.A.C.K.S."TVFebruary 4, 2014Paul Edwards
84ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.14: "T.A.H.I.T.I."TVMarch 4, 2014Bobby Roth
85ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.15: "Yes Men"TVMarch 11, 2014John Terlesky
86ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.16: "End of the Beginning"TVApril 1, 2014Bobby Roth
87Phase 2WatchCaptain America: The Winter SoldierMovieApril 4, 2014Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
88PreludesReadAvengers: Age of Ultron Prelude - This Sceptre'd IsleComicFebruary 3, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
89ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.17: "Turn, Turn, Turn"TVApril 8, 2014Vincent Misiano
90ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.18: "Providence"TVApril 15, 2014Milan Cheylov
91ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.19: "The Only Light in the Darkness"TVApril 22, 2014Vincent Misiano
92ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.20: "Nothing Personal"TVApril 29, 2014Billy Gierhart
93ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.21: "Ragtag"TVMay 6, 2014Roxann Dawson
94ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 1.22: "Beginning of the End"TVMay 13, 2014David Straiton
95PreludesReadGuardians of the Galaxy: Prelude #1 (2014)ComicApril 2, 2014Dan AbnettAdaptation of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
96PreludesReadGuardians of the Galaxy: Prelude #2 (2014)ComicMay 28, 2014Dan AbnettAdaptation of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
97PreludesReadGuardians of the Galaxy: Prelude #1 (2017)ComicJanuary 4, 2017Will PilgrimAnother adaptation of the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
98PreludesReadGuardians of the Galaxy: Prelude #2 (2017)ComicFebruary 1, 2017Will PilgrimAnother adaptation of the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
99PreludesReadGuardians of the Galaxy: InfiniteComicJuly 8, 2014Dan Abnett
100Phase 2WatchGuardians of the GalaxyMovieAugust 1, 2014James Gunn
101NetflixDaredevil 1.01: "Into the Ring"TVApril 10, 2015Phil Abraham
102NetflixDaredevil 1.02: "Cut Man"TVApril 11, 2015Phil Abraham
103NetflixDaredevil 1.03: "Rabbit in a Snowstorm"TVApril 12, 2015Adam Kane
104NetflixDaredevil 1.04: "In the Blood"TVApril 13, 2015Ken Girotti
105NetflixDaredevil 1.05: "World on Fire"TVApril 14, 2015Farren Blackburn
106NetflixDaredevil 1.06: "Condemned"TVApril 15, 2015Guy Ferland
107NetflixDaredevil 1.07: "Stick"TVApril 16, 2015Brad Turner
108NetflixDaredevil 1.08: "Shadows in the Glass"TVApril 17, 2015Stephen Surjik
109NetflixDaredevil 1.09: "Speak of the Devil"TVApril 18, 2015Nelson McCormick
110NetflixDaredevil 1.10: "Nelson v. Murdock"TVApril 19, 2015Farren Blackburn
111NetflixDaredevil 1.11: "The Path of the Righteous"TVApril 20, 2015Nick Gomez
112NetflixDaredevil 1.12: "The Ones We Leave Behind"TVApril 21, 2015Euros Lyn
113NetflixDaredevil 1.13: "Daredevil"TVApril 22, 2015Steven S. DeKnight
114ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.01: "Shadows"TVSeptember 23, 2014Vincent Misiano
115ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.02: "Heavy is the Hand"TVSeptember 30, 2014Jesse Bochco
116ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.03: "Making Friends and Influencing People"TVOctober 7, 2014Bobby Roth
117ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.04: "Face My Enemy"TVOctober 14, 2014Kevin Tancharoen
118ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.05: "A Hen in the Wolf House"TVOctober 21, 2014Holly Dale
119ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.06: "A Fractured House"TVOctober 28, 2014Ron Underwood
120ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.07: "The Writing on the Wall"TVNovember 11, 2014Vincent Misiano
121ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.08: "The Things We Bury"TVNovember 18, 2014Milan Cheylov
122ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.09: "...Ye Who Enter Here"TVDecember 2, 2014Billy Gierhart
123ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.10: "What They Become"TVDecember 9, 2014Michael Zinberg
124ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.11: "Aftershocks"TVMarch 3, 2015Billy Gierhart
125ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.12: "Who You Really Are"TVMarch 10, 2015Roxann Dawson
126ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.13: "One of Us"TVMarch 17, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
127ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.14: "Love in the Time of Hydra"TVMarch 24, 2015Jesse Bochco
128ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.15: "One Door Closes"TVMarch 31, 2015David Solomon
129ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.16: "Afterlife"TVApril 7, 2015Kevin Hooks
130ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.17: "Melinda"TVApril 14, 2015Garry A. Brown
131ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.18: "Frenemy of My Enemy"TVApril 21, 2015Karen Gaviola
132ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.19: "The Dirty Half Dozen"TVApril 28, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
133Phase 2WatchThe Avengers: Age of UltronMovieMay 1, 2015Joss Whedon
134ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.20: "Scars"TVMay 5, 2015Bobby Roth
135Phase 3Guardians of the Galaxy 2MovieMay 5, 2017James Gunn
136OtherWHIH: NEWSFRONT Promo - July 2, 2015WebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
137OtherWHiH: Newsfront Top StoriesWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
138OtherWHIH EXCLUSIVE: 2012 VistaCorp break-in security footage involving cyber-criminal Scott LangWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
139ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.21: "S.O.S. Part One"TVMay 12, 2015Vincent Misiano
140ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 2.22: "S.O.S. Part Two"TVMay 12, 2015Billy Gierhart
141OtherWIRED Insider Interviews Darren Cross, CEO of Pym TechnologiesWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
142OtherWHIH EXCLUSIVE: Scott Lang InterviewWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
143PreludesReadAnt-Man - Scott Lang: Small TimeComicMarch 3, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
144Phase 2WatchAnt-ManMovieJune 29, 2015Peyton Reed
145PreludesReadJessica JonesComicOctober 7, 2015Brian Michael Bendis
146NetflixJessica Jones 1.01: "AKA Ladies Night"TVNovember 20, 2015S. J. Clarkson
147NetflixJessica Jones 1.02: "AKA Crush Syndrome"TVNovember 20, 2015S. J. Clarkson
148NetflixJessica Jones 1.03: "AKA It's Called Whiskey"TVNovember 20, 2015David Petrarca
149NetflixJessica Jones 1.04: "AKA 99 Friends"TVNovember 20, 2015David Petrarca
150NetflixJessica Jones 1.05: "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me"TVNovember 20, 2015Stephen Surjik
151NetflixJessica Jones 1.06: "AKA You're a Winner!"TVNovember 20, 2015Stephen Surjik
152NetflixJessica Jones 1.07: "AKA Top Shelf Perverts"TVNovember 20, 2015Simon Cellan Jones
153NetflixJessica Jones 1.08: "AKA WWJD?"TVNovember 20, 2015Simon Cellan Jones
154NetflixJessica Jones 1.09: "AKA Sin Bin"TVNovember 20, 2015John Dahl
155NetflixJessica Jones 1.10: "AKA 1,000 Cuts"TVNovember 20, 2015Rosemary Rodriguez
156NetflixJessica Jones 1.11: "AKA I've Got the Blues"TVNovember 20, 2015Uta Briesewitz
157NetflixJessica Jones 1.12: "AKA Take a Bloody Number"TVNovember 20, 2015Billy Gierhart
158NetflixJessica Jones 1.13: "AKA Smile"TVNovember 20, 2015Michael Rymer
159ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.01: "Laws of Nature"TVSeptember 29, 2015Vincent Misiano
160ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.02: "Purpose in the Machine"TVOctober 6, 2015Kevin Tancharoen
161ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.03: "A Wanted (Inhu)man"TVOctober 13, 2015Garry A. Brown
162ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.04: "Devils You Know"TVOctober 20, 2015Ron Underwood
163ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.05: "4,722 Hours"TVOctober 27, 2015Jesse Bochco
164ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.06: "Among Us Hide..."TVNovember 3, 2015Dwight Little
165ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.07: "ChAgents of SHIELD Theory"TVNovember 10, 2015David Solomon
166ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.08: "Many Heads, One Tale"TVNovember 17, 2015Garry A. Brown
167ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.09: "Closure"TVDecember 1, 2015Kate Woods
168ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.10: "Maveth"TVDecember 8, 2015Vincent Misiano
169NetflixDaredevil 2.01: "Bang"TVMarch 18, 2016Phil Abraham
170NetflixDaredevil 2.02: "Dogs to a Gunfight"TVMarch 18, 2016Phil Abraham
171NetflixDaredevil 2.03: "New York's Finest"TVMarch 18, 2016Marc Jobst
172NetflixDaredevil 2.04: "Penny and Dime"TVMarch 18, 2016Peter Hoar
173NetflixDaredevil 2.05: "Kinbaku"TVMarch 18, 2016Floria Sigismondi
174NetflixDaredevil 2.06: "Regrets Only"TVMarch 18, 2016Andy Goddard
175NetflixDaredevil 2.07: "Semper Fidelis"TVMarch 18, 2016Ken Girotti
176NetflixDaredevil 2.08: "Guilty as Sin"TVMarch 18, 2016Michael Uppendahl
177NetflixDaredevil 2.09: "Seven Minutes in Heaven"TVMarch 18, 2016Stephen Surjik
178NetflixDaredevil 2.10: "The Man in the Box"TVMarch 18, 2016Peter Hoar
179NetflixDaredevil 2.11: ".380"TVMarch 18, 2016Stephen Surjik
180NetflixDaredevil 2.12: "The Dark at the End of the Tunnel"TVMarch 18, 2016Euros Lyn
181NetflixDaredevil 2.13: "A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen"TVMarch 18, 2016Peter Hoar
182NetflixLuke Cage 1.01: "Moment of Truth"TVSeptember 30, 2016Paul McGuigan
183NetflixLuke Cage 1.02: "Code of the Streets"TVSeptember 30, 2016Paul McGuigan
184NetflixLuke Cage 1.03: "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"TVSeptember 30, 2016Guillermo Navarro
185NetflixLuke Cage 1.04: "Step in the Arena"TVSeptember 30, 2016Vincenzo Natali
186NetflixLuke Cage 1.05: "Just to Get a Rep"TVSeptember 30, 2016Marc Jobst
187NetflixLuke Cage 1.06: "Suckas Need Bodyguards"TVSeptember 30, 2016Sam Miller
188NetflixLuke Cage 1.07: "Manifest"TVSeptember 30, 2016Andy Goddard
189NetflixLuke Cage 1.08: "Blowin' Up the Spot"TVSeptember 30, 2016Magnus Martens
190NetflixLuke Cage 1.09: "DWYCK"TVSeptember 30, 2016Tom Shankland
191NetflixLuke Cage 1.10: "Take It Personal"TVSeptember 30, 2016Stephen Surjik
192NetflixLuke Cage 1.11: "Now You're Mine"TVSeptember 30, 2016George Tillman Jr.
193NetflixLuke Cage 1.12: "Soliloquy of Chaos"TVSeptember 30, 2016Phil Abraham
194NetflixLuke Cage 1.13: "You Know My Steez"TVSeptember 30, 2016Clark Johnson
195ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.11: "Bouncing Back"TVMarch 8, 2016Ron Underwood
196ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.12: "The Inside Man"TVMarch 15, 2016John Terlesky
197ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.13: "Parting Shot"TVMarch 22, 2016Michael Zinberg
198ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.14: "Watchdogs"TVMarch 29, 2016Jesse Bochco
199ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.15: "Spacetime"TVApril 5, 2016Kevin Tancharoen
200ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.16: "Paradise Lost"TVApril 12, 2016Wendey Stanzler
201ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.17: "The Team"TVApril 19, 2016Elodie Keene
202ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.18: "The Singularity"TVApril 26, 2016Garry A. Brown
203ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.19: "Failed Experiments"TVMay 3, 2016Wendey Stanzler
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205OtherWHIH Newsfront: The Cost of Saving the WorldWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
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207PreludesReadCaptain America: Civil War Prelude #1ComicDecember 16, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
208PreludesReadCaptain America: Civil War Prelude #2ComicDecember 30, 2015Will Corona Pilgrim
209PreludesReadCaptain America: Civil War Prelude #3ComicJanuary 6, 2016Will Corona Pilgrim
210PreludesReadCaptain America: Civil War Prelude #4ComicJanuary 27, 2016Will Corona Pilgrim
211OtherWHIH Newsfront Exclusive: President Ellis Discusses the AvengersWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
212OtherWHIH Breaking News: Attack in LagosWebMarvel StudiosAvailable on You Tube here.
213Phase 3WatchCaptain America: Civil WarMovieMay 6, 2016Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
214ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.20: "Emancipation"TVMay 10, 2016Vincent Misiano
215ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.21: "Absolution"TVMay 17, 2016Billy Gierhart
216ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 3.22: "Ascension"TVMay 17, 2016Kevin Tancharoen
217NetflixIron Fist 1.01: "Snow Gives Way"TVMarch 17, 2017John Dahl
218NetflixIron Fist 1.02: "Shadow Hawk Takes Flight"TVMarch 17, 2017John Dahl
219NetflixIron Fist 1.03: "Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch"TVMarch 17, 2017Tom Shankland
220NetflixIron Fist 1.04: "Eight Diagram Dragon Palm"TVMarch 17, 2017Miguel Sapochnik
221NetflixIron Fist 1.05: "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus"TVMarch 17, 2017Uta Briesewitz
222NetflixIron Fist 1.06: "Immortal Emerges from Cave"TVMarch 17, 2017RZA
223NetflixIron Fist 1.07: "Felling Tree with Roots"TVMarch 17, 2017Farren Blackburn
224NetflixIron Fist 1.08: "The Blessing of Many Fractures"TVMarch 17, 2017Kevin Tancharoen
225NetflixIron Fist 1.09: "The Mistress of All Agonies"TVMarch 17, 2017Jet Wilkinson
226NetflixIron Fist 1.10: "Black Tiger Steals Heart"TVMarch 17, 2017Peter Hoar
227NetflixIron Fist 1.11: "Lead Horse Back to Stable"TVMarch 17, 2017Deborah Chow
228NetflixIron Fist 1.12: "Bar the Big Boss"TVMarch 17, 2017Andy Goddard
229NetflixIron Fist 1.13: "Dragon Plays with Fire"TVMarch 17, 2017Stephen Surjik
230ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.01: "Vendetta"WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph LoebTakes place before the events of season 4. You can watch it on the ABC web site
231ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.02: "John Hancock"WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph Loeb
232ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.03: "Progress"WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph Loeb
233ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.04: "Reunion"WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph Loeb
234ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.05: "Deal Breaker" WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph Loeb
235ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot 1.06: "Justicia"WebDecember 13, 2016Jeph Loeb
236PreludesReadDoctor Strange Prelude #1ComicDecember 19, 2016Will Corona Pilgrim
237PreludesReadDoctor Strange Prelude #2ComicAugust 24, 2016Will Corona Pilgrim
238ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.01: "The Ghost"TVSeptember 20, 2016Billy Gierhart
239ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.02: "Meet the New Boss"TVSeptember 27, 2016Vincent Misiano
240ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.03: "Uprising"TVOctober 11, 2016Magnus Martens
241ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.04: "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire"TVOctober 18, 2016Brad Turner
242ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.05: "Lockup"TVOctober 25, 2016Kate Woods
243ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.06: "The Good Samaritan"TVNovember 1, 2016Billy Gierhart
244Phase 3WatchDoctor StrangeMovieNovember 4, 2016Scott Derrickson
245ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.07: "Deals With Our Devils"TVNovember 29, 2016Jesse Bochco
246ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.08: "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics"TVDecember 6, 2016Kevin Tancharoen
247ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.09: "Broken Promises"TVJanuary 10, 2017Garry A. Brown
248ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.10: "The Patriot"TVJanuary 17, 2017Kevin Tancharoen
249ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.11: "Wake Up"TVJanuary 24, 2017Jesse Bochco
250ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.12: "Hot Potato Soup"TVJanuary 31, 2017Nina Lopez-Corrado
251ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.13: "BOOM"TVFebruary 7, 2017Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman
252ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.14: "The Man Behind the Shield"TVFebruary 14, 2017Wendey Stanzler
253ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.15: "Self Control"TVFebruary 21, 2017Jed Whedon
254ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.16: "What If..."TVApril 4, 2017Oz Scott
255ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.17: "Identity and Change"TVApril 11, 2017Garry A. Brown
256ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.18: "No Regrets"TVApril 18, 2017Eric Laneuville
257ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.19: "All the Madame's Men"TVApril 25, 2017Billy Gierhart
258ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.20: "Farewell, Cruel World!"TVMay 2, 2017Vincent Misiano
259ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.21: "The Return"TVMay 9, 2017Kevin Tancharoen
260ABCWatchAgents of SHIELD 4.22: "World's End"TVMay 16, 2017Billy Gierhart
261PreludesReadSpider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1ComicMarch 1, 2017Will Pilgrim
262PreludesReadSpider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #2ComicApril 5, 2017Will Pilgrim
263Phase 3Spider-Man: HomecomingMovieJuly 7, 2017Jon Watts
264PreludesReadThor: Ragnarok PreludeComicOctober 17, 2017Will Pilgrim
265Phase 3Thor: RagnarokMovieNovember 3, 2017Taika Waititi
267Phase 3Black PantherMovieRyan Coogler
268Phase 3Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1MovieMay 4, 2018Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
269Phase 3Ant-Man and the WaspMovieJuly 6, 2018Peyton Reed
270Phase 3Captain MarvelMovieMarch 8, 2019
271Phase 3Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2MovieMay 3, 2019Anthony Russo, Joe Russo