Bladerunner Timeline

Bladerunner Timeline
When does Bladerunner take place?

The Bladerunner timeline consists of the movies novels of the Bladerunner universe. There are seven versions of the first film and that can cause inconsistencies with the later novels. If you had to pick which version to see, I would go the Ridley Scott’s Final Cut from 2007. If you see something that needs to fixed or added to the Bladerunner timeline please drop us a note on our Contact page.

#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1Blade RunnerReadDo Android's dream of Electric SleepNovel1-Jan-68Philip K. DickThe novel that the Blade Runner movies are loosely based.
2Blade RunnerWatchBlade RunnerMovieJune 25, 1982Ridley ScottTakes place in 2019.
3Blade RunnerReadBlade Runner 2Novel1-Oct-95K. W. Jeter
4Blade RunnerReadBlade Runner 3Novel1-Oct-96K. W. Jeter
5Blade RunnerReadBlade Runner 4Novel4-Dec-00K. W. Jeter
6SoldierWatchSoldierMovie23-Oct-98Paul AndersonA "sidequal", references events in the Blade Runner franchise.
7Blade RunnerBlade Runner 2049Movie6-Oct-17Denis VilleneuveTakes place in 2049, 30 years after the first film.