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When does the Alien Timeline start?

The Alien Timeline only contains content canon to the series. The Alien chronology is quite frankly a mess. Unfortunately, the Alien Vs Predator (AVP) series have been declared non canon by 20th Century Fox. Those movies are a lot of fun so its shame they get left out. The comics are also declared non canon because they have too many problems staying true to Alien movie chronology. There are a few novels and video games included in the timeline. In 2014, Alien: Out of the Shadows, Alien: Sea of Sorrows, and  Alien: River of Pain novels were released in a attempt to the tie the Alien movies together. They are included in this timeline. If you have an question or comments you can drop us a message on our Contact page.

#Time/Series:Get:Content Title:Type:Released Date:Author/Director:Notes:
12091WatchPrometheusMovie8-Jun-12Ridley Scott
22103Alien: CovenantMovie19-May-17Ridley Scott
32122WatchAlienMovie25-May-79Ridley Scott
42122ReadAlienNovel29-Mar-79Alan Dean Foster
52137PlayAlien: IsolationVideo Game7-Oct-14Alistair Hope
62159ReadAlien: Out of the ShadowsNovelJanuary 28th 2014Tim Lebbon
72179ReadAlien: River of PainNovelNovember 25th 2014Christopher Golden
82179WatchAliensMovie18-Jul-86James Cameron
92179ReadAliensNovel1-Jun-86Alan Dean Foster
102179WatchAlien 3Movie22-May-92David Fincher
112179ReadAlien 3Novel11-Jun-92Alan Dean Foster
122179PlayAliens: Colonial MarinesVideo Game12-Feb-13Gearbox Software
132379WatchAlien: ResurrectionMovie26-Nov-97Jean-Pierre Jeunet
142379ReadAlien: ResurrectionNovel27-Nov-97A. C. Crispin
152459ReadAlien: Sea of SorrowsNovelJuly 29th 2014James A. Moore