Ryanverse Timeline and Reading Order

ryanverse timeline

When does the Ryanverse take place?

The Ryanverse timeline consist of the world created by Tom Clancy. The series is based on the character of Jack Ryan from his beginnings as a CIA analyst to him becoming President of the United States of America. The focus switches to switches to Jack Ryan, Jr. in latter novels.


#:Time\Series:GetContent Title:Type:Author:Year Published:Notes:
11970BuyWithout RemorseNovelTom Clancy1993
21981BuyPatriot GamesNovelTom Clancy1987
31981BuyPatriot GamesMovieW. Peter Iliff and
Donald Stewart
41983BuyRed RabbitNovelTom Clancy2002
51985BuyThe Hunt for Red October NovelTom Clancy1984
61985BuyThe Hunt for Red October MovieLarry Ferguson and
Donald Stewart
71987BuyThe Cardinal of the KremlinNovelTom Clancy1988
81988BuyClear and Present Danger NovelTom Clancy1989
91988BuyClear and Present Danger MovieDonald Stewart, Steven Zaillian and
John Milius
101991-92BuyThe Sum of All Fears NovelTom Clancy1991
11BuyThe Sum of All Fears MoviePaul Attanasio and
Daniel Pyne
2002The movie has major plot differences from the book.
121995-96BuyDebt of Honor NovelTom Clancy1994
131996BuyExecutive OrdersNovelTom Clancy1996
141999-2000BuyRainbow SixNovelTom Clancy1998
152002BuyThe Bear and the Dragon NovelTom Clancy2000
162006BuyThe Teeth of the TigerNovelTom Clancy2003Jack Ryan Jr becomes more of a central figure in the novels.
172007BuyDead or AliveNovelTom Clancy and Grant Blackwood2010
182008BuyLocked OnNovelTom Clancy and Grant Blackwood2011
192009BuyThreat VectorNovelTom Clancy and Mark Greaney2012
202013BuyCommand Authority NovelTom Clancy and Mark Greaney2013
212014BuySupport and Defend NovelMark Greaney2014
222014BuyFull Force and EffectNovelMark Greaney2014
232015BuyUnder Fire NovelGrant Blackwood2015
242015BuyCommander in ChiefNovelMark Greaney2015
252016BuyDuty and HonorNovelGrant Blackwood2016
262016BuyTrue Faith and AllegianceNovelMark Greaney2016