DC Extended Universe Timeline
DC Extended Universe Timeline

How can I watch the DC Extended Universe Timeline?

The DC Extended Universe Timeline is DC Comics content that in the same universe mostly through movies. This timeline is fairly short so you feel like there will be much more DC content in the future. The material that appears in this timeline are:

DC Comics Movies: These are are the heart of the timeline. Everything that is canon in this timeline comes from this content.

Tie in Material/Comics: Most of the movies have prequel comics that can be purchased or you get it for free through promotional material.

TV Shows: Unfortunately the Arrowverse timeline does not appear in this universe. However there is a chance that the show Krypton could be included in the DCEU.

If you have anything that should be added or taken away from this timeline, head over to our Contact page and send us a message.

#Series:Buy:Name:Type:Release Date:Author/Director:Notes:
1DCEUKrypton 1.01: "Pilot"TV2018David GoyerThe series starts 200 years before the Man of Steel movie.
2DCEUWonder WomanMovieJune 2, 2017Patty JenkinsTakes place in 1918
3DCEUReadWonder Woman The Official Movie NovelizationNovelJune 6, 2017Nancy Holder
4DCEUMan of Steel PrequelComicMay 18, 2013Sterling Gates
5DCEUWatchMan of SteelMovieJune 14, 2013Zack Snyder
6DCEUReadMan of Steel: The Official Movie NovelizationNovelJune 25, 2013Greg CoxMan of Steel movie novelization
7DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Cross FireJunior NovelFebruary 16, 2016Michael Kogge
8DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Prequel #1 BatmanComicJanuary 28, 2016Chritos Gage
9DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Prequel #2 Lois LaneComicJanuary 28, 2016Chritos Gage
10DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Prequel #3 Senator FinchComicJanuary 28, 2016Chritos Gage
11DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Prequel #4 SupermanComicJanuary 28, 2016Chritos Gage
12DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Prequel #5 Lex LuthorComicJanuary 28, 2016Chritos Gage
13DCEUReadPlayground HeroesComicJanuary 30, 2016Jeff ParkerFree Prequal Comic book from General Mills
14DCEUReadField TripComicJanuary 30, 2016Christos GageFree Prequal Comic book from General Mills
15DCEUReadPicture ProofComicJanuary 30, 2016Marguerite BennettFree Prequal Comic book from General Mills
16DCEUReadLights OutComicJanuary 30, 2016Joshua WilliamsonFree Prequal Comic book from General Mills
17DCEUReadBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Upstairs/DownstairsComicJanuary 30, 2016Christos GageFree Prequal Comic book from Doritos
18DCEUWatchBatman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeMovieMarch 25, 2016Zack Snyder
19DCEUReadSuicide Squad: Suicide BlondeComicJune 2, 2016Tony BedardPrequel comic for the Suicide Squad movie
20DCEUWatchSuicide SquadMovieAugust 5, 2016David Ayer
21DCEUReadSuicide Squad: The Official Movie NovelizationNovelAugust 9, 2016Marv WolfmanSuicide Squad movie novelization
22DCEUJustice LeagueMovie2017Zack Snyder
23DCEUThe BatmanMovie2017Ben Affleck
24DCEUThe FlashMovie2018
25DCEUAquamanMovie2018James Wan
27DCEUJustice League SequelMovie2019Zack Snyder
29DCEUGreen Lantern CorpsMovie2020