Arrowverse Timeline

arrowverse timeline

What it the Arrowverse?

I am big fan of crossover episodes. It is probably why I like the Arrowverse timeline so much.The Arrowverse consists for TV shows on the CW network based on characters from DC Comics. The TV shows are Arrow, The Flash, Vixen (CW Seed)Constantine (formally on NBC now on CW Seed), Supergirl (formally on CBS) and Legends of Tomorrow. The timeline begins with Arrow which started in 2012. Then the CW began to add other shows to the shared universe.

There are tie in comics and novels posted in the timeline that may or may not be canon. I have indicated where a comic is not considered canon or may not be canon at this time. You can the comics individually or get them at once by getting the all in one corresponding graphic novel.

I have also included short webisodes that you can find on You Tube such as the Chronicles of Cisco. The webisodes Blood Rush is part of a promotional campaign for Bose. Even though this is obvious content placement I still included this into the timeline.

In November of 2016, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and the heroes from Legends of Tomorrow participated in a huge 4 part crossover. I really didn’t want this to end when I watched all 4 in one shot. The story starts with Supergirl 4.8: “Medusa”, The Flash 3.08: “Invasion!”, Arrow 5.08: “Invasion!”, and finally finishing up with Legend of Tomorrow 2.07: “Invasion!”. The Arrow arc in the crossover is really entertaining because it brought back some old characters for us to enjoy. I won’t tell you who to keep this post spoiler free. I really hope for another four show arc in 2017.

If you will start the Arrowverse timeline, from the beginning you will have hours and hours of entertainment.